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An Evening With Silk Sonic Will Leave You Wanting More

A highly anticipated album that people were waiting for Anderson Paak and Bruno Mars are two talented musical geniuses in the music industry. A team-up between those two legends was going to be a game-changer. The R&B duo made an album that contained 70’s aspects such as funk and soul music. Mars and Paak took each other to new heights and blended their artistic abilities to create the album. The world got to thank legend Bootsy Collins for inspiring music geniuses like Mars and . Paak and giving the duo their name Silk Sonic.

Silk Sonic Intro

A song that gets the audience ready to groove to Silk Sonic. It sounds like the beginning of a concert that prepares the crowd for the show to begin.

Leave The Door Open

The song that gave the world a sneak peek as to what Anderson . Paak and Bruno Mars were cooking up in the studio. The world wasn’t ready for that. A soulful song that has the duo professing their love and admiration to their other half and letting them know that they will leave the door open for them. 

Fly As Me

Now the fun really begins with the song. You got bass kicking in, trumpets and saxophones chiming in and the drums beating their sound. Anderson. Paak takes the spotlight with his rapping skills hollering at the ladies letting them know how lucky they would be to be with him. All in all, the song is telling you to deserve to be with the very best.

After Last Night (with Thundercat & Bootsy Collins)

This soulful song talks about how the duo will give the woman they were with last night the world and more. Bootsy Collins starts of the song and puts his flavor into the mix. Not to mention Thundercat, a multi-talented bass player, producer and singer-songwriter, added his artistry into the mix. 

Smokin Out The Window

The song that REALLY started it off the making of the album. The song was an idea the duo had five years ago when they were on tour. It came to fruition, and it was well worth the wait. The song could be interpreted as how. Paak and Mars got played by the women they thought were only for them but in reality, she belongs to everybody and must be given back to the city. Take it as you will but the song is funny and the music video was a vibe. The song is a personal favorite.

Put On A Smile

The beautifully sad ballad got the duo calling out to their significant lover telling them that they need them and that without them they have to put up a smile, so people think they’re okay when in reality they’re dying inside. Bootsy Collins lets fellas know at the beginning of the song to tell their significant other what they REALLY feel about them.


The funky tempo comes back again. The duo is gambling in Las Vegas and are getting lucky. One can interpret the song as trusting your gut and making your own luck.


A song that makes you want to buy roller skates and head out to town. The duo is admiring the women skating around them and telling them to skate towards them. That’s exactly how the music video is as women skate around the band as they play their instruments to them. The song is fun and celebrates a good time.

Blast Off

The end of the album and you know it must go out with a bang. You got the duo talking about psychedelia and seeing how the world goes crazy with their new creation from space. The group is bidding their farewell and formally ending the journey they took with the album. Just like he welcomed Silk Sonic, Bootsy Collins bids goodbye.

An Evening with Silk Sonic was a special and magical experience. The duo gave the world what they needed. It got a live show from the comfort of their homes. They created something that will last forever and future generations will be inspired by it. The album is available on all platforms. Audiences can only hope that the duo will go on tour soon. 

Chelsea Alexandra Marino is a senior at Florida International University, majoring in journalism. She is also pursuing a certificate in music business. Her passions include music, soccer, video games, and Marvel movies.
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