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All Patched Up: This Year’s Hottest Fashion Trend

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

That perfect selfie, the sound of the wine cork popping, and hearing the theme song to Sex and The City. There are only a few things in life a girl can compare to the feeling of finding the perfect pair of jeans. Since the 1950s, denim has been living comfortably in every American’s closet. They have evolved in length, style and color throughout the years.

Recently, fashion trends have been fueled by the need to channel creative expression and we are getting exactly that through patched up denim ensembles. People have been making their denim pieces unique by adding their favorite iron-on patches on their jackets and pants. This one-of-a-kind style of patched up jeans and jackets has flooded the streets of fashion this spring and everybody loves it.

Individualism through fashion is something that generation after generation has tried to achieve. From the name-plated earrings to the spray-painted hats, fashion has been a way for people to yell to the world “this is who I am.” The patches fad differs to those of the past because of its versatility. The fashion-savvy have been all about patching up everything from loafers, backpacks, jackets, jeans and shorts. All you need is your favorite denim piece and a few patches to create your personal masterpiece.

Patches can be found online, ranging in size and design. From your initials to your favorite bands and favorite foods, online stores like Amazon offer a wide variety of vintage patches. If you’re anything like me, you are that girl who has most of your meals handed to you from the window of a fast food restaurant, you do your makeup in the car, and your day-to-day outfit consists of a tee and pair of jeans.

Being girls on the go, you might not have time for a time consuming DIY project, but don’t worry! Stores like Forever21 and Zara have your trendy needs covered with already patched up jackets, pants and shorts.

Whether you patch up your jacket with your favorite foods, or cover it up with all the things you love, the most important thing about this trend is that it is entirely all about you. 

2017 FIU Her Campus president