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Whether you’re a first-year college student or an experienced residential student, deciding whether to live on or off campus can be challenging. Here are the benefits and disadvantages of living on campus. If this is your first year, I hope this helps you make the right decision!

Pro: Socialization

Community is an important aspect of dorm living on campus. Living on campus certainly allows you to meet new people from various backgrounds and majors. This is helpful because making friends in college can be challenging if you spend the majority of your time in class or with other students of your major. When you choose to live on campus, you will meet a diverse range of people who will help you expand your network and form a community you can rely on. In my first year of college, as a freshman from out of town, I was anxious about making friends because I had heard that college is very different from high school. As a naturally introverted person, I chose to dorm on campus in order to make new friends and get to know people. Although this is generally a pro for some it could be a con for others if socializing is not your thing, keep this in mind when making your choice.


Although it makes it easy to socialize and meet new people, it is a two-sided coin, with the other side being a loss of privacy. The dorm layout may not be best for maximum privacy depending on your university. As a first-year student, your room situation is usually not ideal in terms of privacy because you will be sharing a room with another student. This can be a wonderful experience for some because it allows you to form a deeper connection with your roommate, and in most instances, this is where people meet their lifelong friends. Of course, there is the other side where we hear all the roommate horror tales. If you value your privacy so much that you would be uncomfortable sharing a room with another person, I will rethink living on campus because coexisting with other people on a daily basis is an important part of dorm life.

Pro: Convenience

One major advantage of choosing to live on campus is convenience. Living on campus makes walking to class easier and quicker than commuting to campus every day. Housing buildings are typically located closest to all campus amenities, making anything accessible and within walking distance. Living on campus is the most convenient option in terms of proximity. We all know that as college students, we can have a variety of courses all over campus, some only 5 minutes away and others on the other side of campus. Living on campus does make the task of getting to class a lot easier.

Con: More Expensive

Managing your money is an essential component of living a balanced college life. While dorm living may appear to be convenient and exciting, it can also be expensive. Campus housing can cost up to twice as much as off-campus housing. However, campus housing is usually all-inclusive, with all amenities included, and Federal Student Aid can sometimes cover the cost. It is important that when making your decision, you consider all of the factors and select the best choice for you.

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