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Albums That’ll Get You Through Quarentine

Just like everyone else, I love listening to music. It can be therapeutic, energizing, and every emotion in-between. While I’ve been at home, I’ve been listening to some albums – old and new – on repeat. Here are some top picks to give a listen to!


Heartbreak Weather by Niall Horan

Are we even surprised I put this here? Niall’s sophomore album is a storyline (he recommends you listen to the album in order) about a relationship- from first meeting, to breakup, to trying to move on. There is a song for everybody on here. If you like slower songs, I recommend “Still“. If you’re into something more upbeat and wild, listen to “Small Talk“.

After Hours by The Weeknd

I’ll honestly admit: I’m not the biggest fan of The Weeknd. I love the mainstream hits, but I can never find myself to listen to a full album. This one is different. I love the upbeat, 80’s sound of “Save Your Tears“.

Blood Harmony by Finneas

Finneas produces amazing music (but I don’t need to tell any Billie Eilish fan that). Blood Harmony is everything I look for in an album. If you want to get into the album (or Finneas in general), I recommend “I Lost A Friend” or “I Don’t Miss You At All.”

Fine Line by Harry Styles

Yet another 1D boy on my list. Fine Line is Harry’s sophomore album and -in my opinion- is 10000 times better than the first. Every song is unique from the next. “Falling” and “Fine Line” are beautiful, heartbreaking songs. “Watermelon Sugar” and “To Be So Lonely” have me screaming the lyrics every time. Truly a 10/10 album.

Channel Orange by Frank Ocean

I think if you listen to Frank Ocean, there has to be an album you prefer. Mine is Channel Orange, and to this day it never gets old. “Thinkin Bout You” is a classic, “Super Rich Kids” and “Pyramids” is extremely catchy, and “Forrest Gump” is my absolute favorite. 

Inner Monolouge, Pt. 1 by Julia Michaels

Although it’s short with only 6 songs, this album is one of my all-time favorites because of how real it is. The reminisence of “What A Time,” sung with Niall Horan, is bittersweet. “Apple” is a cute ukuele tune that says all that Julia wants in a relationship.

Emma is a sophomore at Florida International University studying Broadcast Media. She is from Miami and loves entertainment (music, tv shows, movies) and hopes to become an entertainment reporter after college. She is also involved on campus in her Panhellenic Council organization.
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