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AirPods vs. Microsoft Surface Earbuds: Who Wins?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

The technology field is a nonstop world of competition. Just this month Microsoft released the latest wireless headphones: Microsoft Surface Earbuds. 

Microsoft isn’t the first company to follow Apple, Amazon and Samsung, who already had released their own version of AirPods. 

That being said, what is exactly different about the Microsoft Surface Earbuds? Are they worth ditching the infamous AirPods?

For one thing, the Surface Earbuds are priced at $249 in comparison to the $199 Airpods with the wireless charging case or the original AirPods that go for $159 with the regular plug-in cable charging case. 

As for battery life, although Microsoft still hasn’t released how long the earbuds will last with just one charge, it is reported that the earbuds will be running for eight hours. However, with just one charge the AirPods last for five hours. Bothe wireless headphones do last for 24 hours with the respective charging case. 

Features are always important when choosing which product to buy. Apple has remained true to its core value of simplicity with the AirPods being used to listen to music, talk to Siri, skip or play and pause. When it comes to Microsoft, it decided that simplicity wasn’t what was going to make the earbuds stand out. 

The Microsoft Surface Earbuds include all the same features as the AirPods. The difference is, they were designed with large, touch-sensitive surfaces that allow it to be a presenter remote during a PowerPoint presentation, users can easily dictate to all Office 365 apps and will provide a real-time set of on-screen captions during a presentation. As well as, volume-control right from the earbuds’ surface. All of these features put into perspective the cost of these wireless headphones, adding value to the user if they really need all of this. 

Why exactly are companies following Apple’s footsteps? It’s all in the money. Apple does not disclose its earnings from the AirPods but Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives estimates that the company will sell roughly between 55 and 60 million AirPods in 2019 making about a 9 billion dollar revenue. It’s clear that the headphone industry is the way to go. 


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