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After Four Years in College, Here’s What I’ve Learned

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

What else is new???

Other than Always Bring The Water Bottle and Carry Two Pairs of Sunglasses, One Rosier Than The Other, here are some more thought-through revelations from an 18-21-year-old.

1. Obsessive love is terrible and exhausting.

It is not sustainable, and it is not fulfilling. Healthy love requires humanization, imperfections, and all. It requires knowing when to own up to faults and when to let go. Sometimes, we sacrifice our short-term happiness for the peace of others. Love is reciprocated; unrequited is only desire. Also, predatory people will come across as overly familiar. DO NOT LET THEM!!!!!!! But many people are sweet and compassionate, they love people, and have people who love them: it shines through them.

chelsea and bliss talk on love is blind

2. I am an artist, and it terrifies me.

If anything, I came to college to straighten myself out and get away from it. Creativity and self-expression still wormed themselves into my experience. To my core, I cannot escape the life it will bring. I have not gone a day without writing, singing, or creating something that may never see the light of day past my bedroom window. It will be worth it to work a practical job to provide for myself and pursue my passion in my personal life. I would rather set up as much freedom as possible than try to confine any dream or goal to what others have decided will result in success. All in its own time. Other people’s ideas of success, failure, and worth. Art is not the product made and finished.

3. I am a homebody and do not care about YOUR plans. I want to go home!!!!!!

Setting boundaries strengthens trust in a relationship. People pleasing is manipulative. Solitude is sometimes the best gift I can give myself after draining my emotionally-available social battery.

4. It is better to be alone than to abandon myself.

sunset ocean beach sky evening
Charlotte Reader / Her Campus

If they don’t get it, they don’t need to. I like what I like and it doesn’t matter in the long run. If I’m feeling off, a haircut, new clothes, and nails done = instant cure. My concerns are valid. I have everything I need. I allow myself the full capacity to live authentically as myself. I will not be everything to everyone. I must be everything to myself. A million other people may feel the same way. We are doing our best with what we know. A friend is always a phone call away from me. Also sometimes it’s best to avoid the crowd on social media.

5. A rushed LIFE is a life not even half-lived. Not living for the present is not living at all.

The past was a dream; wake up and keep moving forward.

6. I am always somewhere.

Moving around and visiting friends and family, every corner of the world is already established as Somewhere. No matter how small, it already has its unique charm. Look for what makes a place special. Even if I’m not traveling, figuring out how to leave my comfort zone usually satiates the flighty feeling I get if I’ve been in one place for too long. The moments that don’t feel important matter the most.

7. Everything ends.

It’s what makes something so special. What makes time precious? I will never be here at this desk in this apartment for very long, and then never again. I will never have the same friends in the same vicinity again.

Alex Peek (she/they) is a new staff writer at Florida International University's Her Campus chapter. She covers sociological perspectives and analyzes pop culture phenomena through a queer and women-centric lens. Living in Miami for over two years, she has worked around South Florida in early education, historical-cultural preservation at the Stonewall National Museum and Archives, event management with FIU's Pride Student Union, teaching ESL and peer mentorship through FIU's Honors College, and amongst the film industry at FilmGate Miami. In her final semester as an International Relations major, she studies Women and Gender, Exile, Human Rights and Political Transitions. In May 2022, Alex had the privilege to travel with FIU’s Honors College to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. In 2023, she received a Book Award from FIU's Department of Politics and International Relations. Alex grew up in Northeast Florida with family originating from Puerto Rico. After spending her first two semesters remotely from home, obsessing over Star Wars and Pedro Pascal, she moved to Miami in mid-2021. Alex is currently writing a screenplay while completing the Exile Studies program at FIU. It follows Naomi, an oracle reincarnated into the 21st century as a teenage girl from the Caribbean diaspora. Follow her on Instagram for more updates: @alex_peek