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Add This to Your Cart — Trader Joe’s Edition

Trader Joe’s is a popular supermarket and is personally my favorite supermarket as a busy nutrition student becauses of its easy layout, caring staff, and variety of food without being overwhelming. As a Trader Joe’s fanatic, I wanted to share some of my purchase staples!


Source: Our Balanced Bowl

Pasta — a classic, quick meal, that almost every college student knows how to make and loves. When buying a pasta sauce, it can make or break your pasta experience. If the pasta sauce has an odd texture or little to no flavor, then the pasta noodles don’t taste as delicious. This sauce has just the right amount of smoothness with a taste that needs no added ingredients to it! I’ve had so many people try my pasta with this sauce and without fail people always ask what I added to the sauce, but all I add is a dash of salt and pepper. Besides that, the flavor and taste is already perfectly completed when you purchase it!

Source: Eat Smart,  Move More, Weight Loss online

You may be looking at this bread thinking about why it would be impressive, after all, it’s just another carbohydrate most of us eat on the daily. If you look at the small print on the front of the package, however, you can see that it is a good source of fiber. For each slice there are 3g of fiber, which is impressive compared to other bread’s on the market. Now with whole wheat or whole grain breads the taste isn’t always pleasant, but in this case the bread is quite nice. There is a heartiness to it with a tinge of sweet taste that is not too dense. It provides a satisfying texture and taste, while being nutritionally beneficial as well.


Source: Exploring Trader Joe’s Blogspot

Kung Pao Chicken is one of the best glazed meat entrees in many Chinese restaurants. Alas, for my fellow vegetarians, coming across a “Kung Pao Tofu” or “Kung Pao Vegetable” version is few and far to come across. Kung Pao Chicken is one of the only foods I deeply miss as a vegetarian, but all has changed since I’ve tried Trader Joe’s Kung Pao Cauliflower. This mimics the perfect sweet and sour taste of the kung pao chicken comfort food that is easily accessible any day or any time. The texture is tender, but it is delightful and something that can be enjoyed on a day where you want to binge a good netflix series without having to leave the house.


Source: Amazon

Regardless if you despise or crave dark chocolate, the combination of these two are heartwarming. I personally was never a big dark chocolate lover, but I’ve grown to acquire the taste for it as I’ve gotten older. Chocolate comes from cacao beans, which contain antioxidants that can provide health benefits to the body. As dark chocolate contains a higher cocoa content, the more likely you are to receive the health benefits from it. This chocolate in particular melts in your mouth and the raisin combats the slight bitterness that comes along with any dark chocolate. This is a balanced treat that I think anyone at any age can enjoy at the end of their long overworked day.



Gabriella Durand is a senior at Florida International University pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics and Nutrition. When not in class, she can be found at club meetings, participating in campus events, or hanging around campus studying with friends. Her goal is to become a Registered Dietitian, but her passions extend to art, fashion, makeup, and food.
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