A24 Released Limited-Edition Screenplay Books

Calling all film buffs! The entertainment company, A24, released limited-edition books for some of their most notable films, Moonlight (2016), Ex Machina (2014), and The Witch (2015).

(Source: A24)

The independent film distributor is known to sell merchandise alongside their films from zines to posters and t-shirts. Now fans of these films can collect the first edition hardcovers for their bookshelves or coffee tables. The aesthetically pleasing books contain screenplays, essays, images, and more.

(Source: Twitter)

The first of three books is the 2016 Academy Award Winning picture, Moonlight. The 224-page hardcover begins with a prologue written by the one and only Frank Ocean. The book follows with the screenplay written by director Barry Jenkins and 24 frames from the movie. It also includes an essay by American author, Hilton Als and the acceptance speech given the night of its award for Best Picture. The captivating and emotional film that impacted audiences in 2016 focused on the journey of a young black man growing up in Miami. Now audiences and fans of the film can experience this coming-of-age story through print.



The second book is the 2014 sci-fi drama, Ex Machina. The book includes the screenplay by director Alex Garland and essays by professors Jack Halberstam and Murray Shanahan. The book also contains 24 frames from the film and concept art of the robot Ava. This film discussed the dangers of artificial intelligence and advances in technology that remain relevant today. 



The final book of the collection is nonother than The Witch by Robert Eggers. The 17th-century based horror film will now be transported into the pages of a book. The book contains a conversation between director Robert Eggers and historian David D. Hall as well as, production sketches, and a short fiction piece by Carmen Maria Machado. Get ready to relive this thrilling mystery a second time. 

According to A24, “the first collection from A24 Books celebrates the singular vision and unbridled artistry of these noted writer-directors, showcasing how they saw their films through from script to screen.” The first edition of 2,000 copies went on sale Sept. 30th for $60 and quickly sold out. You can now pre-order the second edition online at https://shop.a24films.com/.