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A round of applause to these women-owned businesses

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It’s no surprise that people have dipped into their creative flow and made it into a business, especially women. These are the businesses I came across when I was looking through Instagram. Each business is different as they vary from clothing, art pieces, food, waxing, self-defense tools, etc. Most of these businesses are local to South Florida but they do ship to most places so I suggest to check them out. 

Voight by Valentina 

A company who doesn’t hold back on sexiness. Valentina is setting the world by storm with her beautiful and sexy clothing. She makes lingerie, bikinis, unisex clothing, dresses, purses and tech items!

Whenever she announces a new collection drops, it’s quick to sell out! Everyone wants to get their hands on anything Valentina creates.

P.S. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing her and she’s such a talented, creative and sweet person. She’s so passionate about her work. She and her brand are going to reach amazing heights.

Photo via @voightbyvalentina


A company where self-defense is key. Alyssa creates self-defense tools like tasers, alarms, defense keychains and knives. Instead of it being ordinary self-defense tools, she’s makes them into characters with a story behind them. 

Not to mention they’re cute as hell. Keep a lookout for her new collection to support Alyssa and the fight against assault.

P.S. I was so excited to buy from her that I bought two items from her first collection.

Photo via dsilosart

Female Alchemy

A company where Tatiana creates art pieces that promote femininity through ceramics. The staple in her work is the red lips as she create empowering art.

Her work is absolutely stunning and it’s work you can’t find anywhere else. These are fun and beautiful pieces to brighten your home.

P.S. Once you get one of these in your home, there’s no going back.

Photo via @female.alchemy

Kiki the Brand / Abite 

An unstoppable combination of sexy clothes and delicious food! Imagine it first was the clothing company that brought out bikinis, dresses, sets, purses and so much more that led to the arrival of a garden café in South Beach. The clothes are definitely a statement piece you want to be rocking in, no matter where you are.

The garden cafe is currently under renovations but be sure to follow them to know when they’re back up and running to go try out their food and enjoy the view.

Photo via @kikithebrand
Photo via @abitemiami


A pop-up restaurant where the food is anything but ordinary. Lauren took the initiative to create a place where vegan food doesn’t always mean healthy. She created food like burgers and tacos but with a vegan twist. You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy the food, it’s for everyone to try! Not to mention, she runs her business alongside her family. Follow them on Instagram to find where they will be serving!

P.S. I’ve tried her food and it’s so good. I can’t wait to go back for more.

Photo via @isabelsmiami


A sugar-waxing company that embraces a new way of removing unwanted hair. Sugardoh gives people a planet-friendly way to sugaring with clean, cruelty-free products. Also the company’s IG helps newbies how to start and guide them through their sugaring journey. You can also find their product online at Urban Outfitters!

P.S. I can’t wait to try it out in the summer!

Photo via @sugardoh.co

I wish these women the best of luck in their businesses. They deserve the very best. It’s important to support small-owned businesses as they have the potential to be something more. So go start looking on social media for small businesses. You would be surprised how many of them are in your area. Go show some love!

Chelsea Alexandra Marino is a senior at Florida International University, majoring in journalism. She is also pursuing a certificate in music business. Her passions include music, soccer, video games, and Marvel movies.