7 tips to get the PERFECT Balayage


An unplanned balayage can go one of two ways: orange hair or an unsubtle display of blonde and dark hair on their shoulders. For about 3 years, I’ve been retouching my color and have discovered some tips to achieve the perfect natural-looking balayage!

  1. Find the perfect stylist: Never go to a random stylist for color. Every hairdresser has their own style and taste. Go to a stylist recommended by a friend/family member and be sure to see their hair in person. Sometimes, just pictures aren’t enough to tell whether or not a hair stylist has done a good job.
  2. Get a fresh hair cut: Unfortunately, the bleach and dye absolutely kill your hair. I recommend getting a haircut right before you get any color done to avoid any more split ends. It would suck to just get your hair color done, and have to cut off most of the blonde a few months after because of damage.
  3. Bring pictures of what you WANT: Always bring 3-4 photos from Pinterest or from your favorite bloggers that show the color and amount of blonde you want.
  4. Bring pictures of what you DON’T WANT: One of my biggest pet peeves is not getting the color to an evenly toned blonde. Many women will go in for a blonde balayage and will leave the salon with brassy, orange hair. Always bring examples of what you hate to let your stylist know what NOT to do. 
  5. Start off slow/simple: If this is your first time doing balayage and are terrified of the turn out, start off slow by letting your stylist know how much blonde you really want. I have long hair and my first time doing balayage, I told my hairdresser to start the blonder color where my chin is. The second time I did it, I told her to start it near where my nose is. Each time I have her go a little higher. I did this to prevent my hair from going through dramatic changes, but in the end it’s really up to your preference!
  6. Hair treatments: After you’ve gotten your hair done, I highly recommend investing in a few hair products to prevent damaged hair. I prefer to use anything with argan or coconut oil. Some inexpensive products can be found at your nearest Tj Maxx or Marshalls
  7. Purple Shampoo: This special shampoo (which is actually purple) should be used once your dyed hair has changed color. Overtime, the dye can change into a hot shade of yellow and can appear to be brassy. This shampoo adds purple pigment to your hair, which cancels out shades of yellow and orange undertones since yellow and purple are actually opposites on the color wheel! My go-to purple shampoo is Generic Value Products Conditioning Shampoo that can be found at the Sally Beauty Supply store for about $7.

Doing something different to your hair is always a nerve wrecking experience. I hope these tips ease the nerves and help you prepare on what to do before and after your hair appointment!