6 Halloween Costume Ideas That Would Be Absolutely Iconic

Every Halloween, I make a list of possible costumes to choose from because I am deeply obsessed with the holiday and fashion. It's always an exciting feat choosing the perfect costume while trying to remain on budget. This year, I decided to share my list with you guys and hopefully inspire anyone that has no idea what to dress up as. Keeping the pandemic in mind, these costumes can be worn to a movie night with friends, a small costume party, or even just for a Halloween photoshoot. Additionally, I will be including some ideas for costumes that you can wear in pairs and groups, in case you want to dress up with your friends!

  1. 1. Jennifer's Prom Outfit From Jennifer’s Body

    I've been dying to wear this costume for the past couple of years, but I haven't gotten around to it. Jennifer's Body is an iconic horror film, and one of the protagonist's most memorable outfits is the bloody prom dress she wears at the climax of the film. If you want to recreate this look, I'd suggest thrifting a strapless wedding dress and adding a thick black ribbon right underneath the breast area. To make the costume even more accurate, I'd add some long white gloves, a black choker, and some blood on the dress. For the makeup, create a classic red lip with some blood around the mouth and some red eye shadow around the eyes. Don't forget to wet your hair a bit and go for the same slicked-back look she rocks after coming out from the water!

  2. 2. Joaquin Phoenix's Joker 

    This costume is incredibly iconic and easy to recreate. It's a high contender for my costume this year. I've already found a stylish red button placket blazer and wide-leg pants set on Shein, as well as a gold satin bralette top. With the outfit complete, the main focus of the costume is the green hair and clown makeup. It can be achieved with a temporary green hair dye and a quick makeup tutorial on Youtube for inspiration. To finalize the look, add some intense gold jewelry and you're all set!

  3. 3. Barbie Doll

    This costume allows a lot of room for personalization, so you can fit it to your individual taste. For this look, you'll need a blonde wig if you aren't blonde already. Additionally, you'll have to choose a pink outfit that screams glamour and include any accessories you think will complete your look, such as a fluffy pink bag, a pink flip phone, or even a plush stuffed white dog with a pink collar!

  4. 4. Bride and Groom 

    My best friend and I considered this costume choice this year, and I'm dying to go through with it one day. To spice up these costumes, you can both wear white and black corsets with skirts in the corresponding color. The best part of these outfits is the accessories: the veils (or a top hat for the groom), garters, gloves, white and black bouquets, maybe a black cane for the groom, an intense diamond necklace for the bride, and a bowtie collar for the groom. You can also go for the dead look that Kourtney Kardashian and Steph Shepard did, or you can stay alive!

  5. 5. Jack Skellington and Sally 

    This could be an extremely cute couples' costume or another look for two best friends. For these costumes, you'd probably have to search for the outfits on Amazon or Party City and watch some intense makeup tutorials. Additionally, for Sally, you'd need a long red wig to match her character's look. Overall, the makeup is probably the most difficult part but the trouble will be worth it!

  6. 6. Scooby Doo Gang 

    This costume idea is perfect for a group of friends. You can also recreate one of the individual characters' looks by yourself, as I did last year with my Daphne costume. You can shop for the exact outfits on Amazon/Party City, or you can thrift pieces in the characters' signature colors that fit their personality, which is what I did. You'll also probably need wigs for most of the characters, which can easily be found on Amazon for great quality. Either way, this group costume idea works wonderfully for any event and can be dressed up or down. 

That's all for this list, but I hope you were able to find some inspiration to make your Halloween costume this year stylish and creative!