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While many are still working and studying from home for the third semester in a row now, (safe) changes in scenery and ambiance are very appreciated. Here are some safe (we’ve checked for you) coffee shops in South Florida where you can find a non-caffeinated energy boost from an ambiance that we at a pre-COVID point in time took for granted as part of our routine.


1. Starbucks

With one in nearly every neighborhood and now finally offering socially distanced indoor and outdoor seating, of course, it’s at the top of the list. One of the best things about Starbucks is its business hours, as most locations are open from before sunrise until after sunset. With daylight savings making it a bit (or a lot) of a drag for all of us to get through our work/study days with our eyes open past 5 pm, waking up earlier and making it to your local Starbucks could help get tasks done while the sun is still out. If you can’t get to your tasks until after sundown, some locations remain open until or past midnight, so you can enjoy the autumn jazz and Christmas tunes to keep you awake. 

2. Sabal Coffee

Located in Miami’s Design District, this modern coffee shop inside of Mia Market is the perfect safe getaway into the city. Seating is quite limited, as there are only about three tables indoors, but outdoor seating and socially distanced seating inside the market are also available. Take a look at their colorful book (real books) and try their matcha latte. When in need of a study break, head downstairs and check out the shops, grab a bite, or take in the unique art pieces all around the streets. 

3. Macondo Coffee Roasters

The coolest ambiance, along with the most delicious bites. Located in Doral, Macondo Coffee Roasters is a vibrant and unique local treasure surrounded by plants that breathe life into it. Study/work on one of their high tables, booths, or cool sofas. The sunrise smoothie is a must-try. 

4. Pasión Del Cielo Coffee

With multiple around South Florida, the calm and charming ambiance of this coffee shop is probably within a few miles of you. A must-try location is the one in Coral Gables, as there are tables connected to the windows, which offer a view onto the restaurants lit beautifully across the street. It’s the perfect mood-boost for when after the sun goes down.

5. Barnes & Noble

Another fan favorite, the Barnes and Noble café is a classic study spot, offering Starbucks drinks and pastries, surrounded by endless inspiration in the bookstore’s collections. Seating across locations was adjusted to provide social distancing, meaning there are fewer tables available, but if you arrive before noon, you should be able to find one. The Pembroke Gardens location in Pembroke Pines is a great option because they offer outdoor seating, too. Their giant chocolate chip cookies are a must-try. 

6. Books & Books

Similar to Barnes and Noble, but with the ambiance that Coral Gables has to offer and healthy bites. This café doesn’t offer its guests wi-fi, as they encourage indulging in book pages instead of webpages, which makes it a perfect spot for deep focus. Indoor seating was adjusted to provide social distancing uniquely- the tables with lots of books on them are non-usable. Outdoor seating is also available. If you’re looking to wind down after a long study session, check out their desserts and wine menu. Few things beat that combo and browsing through the pages of a good book. 

7. Joe & The Juice

This coffee shop offers healthy juices, coffee, filling bites, and the coolest vibes. With 9 locations around Miami, each a bit different from one another, you might want to add to your Miami bucket list to check them all out. Multiple offer outdoorish seating, including the Wynwood location- if you go, check out the cool typewriter and books. 


Daniela is a senior majoring in English Literature and Criminal Justice at Florida International University.
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