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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

This article is all about making decisions and overcoming your indecisiveness, I think. I’m actually not 100 percent sure yet, we’ll see. I’ll let you know in a few.

Does that sound like the something you say to yourself and others often? If so, this probably means you’re indecisive when it comes to making decisions or set plans. Don’t worry; you’re not the only one! There are lots of people that overthink and have difficulty making decisions, including myself.

Struggling to make a decision because you want the best outcome to please others or yourself can either make you a “people pleaser,” or “perfectionist.” The idea of having multiple options may even give you anxiety. Either way, something is holding you back.

There are little decisions: Where should I go out tonight? What should I eat for dinner? What should I wear?

Then there are big decisions: Should I take the job? Where will I live? Should I change my major?

I’ve learned that having trouble making small decisions will only make it harder when the bigger ones come. In fact, as you get older, the tougher your decisions are going to be. It’s important that you realize now what you want and the type of person you are so you can work toward making your life the way you want it to be.

To anyone who always has trouble deciding on something, here are some tips to help you overcome your indecisiveness:

1. Think long-term, rather than how it will make you feel right now

Don’t make a decision based on your current mood or feelings. That will only cause you to be impulsive and possibly regret your decision later on. Instead, think about your goals and values and how your options align or don’t align with where you want to be. Evaluate the benefits and consequences of that decision. Ask yourself: Will it make me happy? Will it be worth it? Will I regret not choosing this option later on?

2. Consider the opportunities

We’ve all heard the phrase, “a once in a lifetime chance.” This is true, there are times where you will be faced with opportunities that are too good to pass up. When you’re torn between staying comfortable or taking a risk, consider how rare the opportunity is. In this situation, don’t let fear of the unknown put you in a state of indecisiveness or cause you to not make a decision at all. Remember, not deciding is a decision.

3. Don’t expect certainty

We often take forever to make a decision because we’re not certain it’ll be the right one. If you’re constantly thinking to yourself, “I don’t know for sure,” you can rest assure that sometimes you won’t be sure of a decision until after the outcome. Always asking for reassurance might make you feel OK temporarily but then you’ll get conflicted again and seek more information. Accept your uncertainty and act anyway.

4. Try to avoid overthinking

Overthinking fuels indecision. When you’ve already contemplated your decision for hours, days or weeks, at some point it doesn’t matter how much you think about it, the decision isn’t going to get easier to make. Rather than thinking about all the possible scenarios in your head over and over again, turn to a simple pros and cons list. Yes, I know this sounds cliché but trust me, it works. Sometimes you’ll notice yourself trying to defend one decision more than the other and this will bring clarity.

5. If all else fails, flip a coin

I know what you’re thinking, flipping a coin sounds even more cliché than writing a pros and cons list. I’m not saying it’ll be a simple heads-or-tails call and then BAM that’s it your decision is made. Just thinking about that is terrifying! What I’m saying is to take a coin and assign one option as heads and the other tails. Flip the coin. At that moment, see how you feel. Are you disappointed? Or are you sort of relieved it landed on that option? Based on how you feel, your decision has already been made.

It’s OK to not always know what the best decision will be. Don’t knock yourself for being indecisive. Instead, practice how you can make better decisions in your everyday life!

Nadia is a senior at Florida International University pursuing a major in Public Relations and a minor in Social Media Marketing . In addition to writing, she has a zeal for anything related to fashion and beauty. Nadia loves to travel and experience new cultures, not to mention trying delicious foods on the way. In her free time, she enjoys watching funny dog videos.