5 Things You Need From Amazon: College Girl Edition


Being a college student can definitely take a toll on your mental health, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have things that make our lives easier. Amazon is the best place to find things that enhance our learning experience and gives us the motivation we need to succeed in school. Here are the top picks to make school a little less hectic:

  1. Waterproof phone holder for your shower:  We all need a break from school every now and then. Sometimes the only break we get is in the shower, so while we’re lathering up we can stick our phones to the wall with this special waterproof holder and watch tv while we shower!

  2. Keyboard projector: This little gadget is an excellent way to type something fast into your notes app on your phone while you’re in a lecture. It is a portable projector that fits in your bag.

  3. Scanmarker pen: the beauty of this tool is that you don’t have to take any notes yourself! All you have to do is slide it over the words you want to highlight and they will magically appear on your screen.

  4. Laptop stand: there’s something about having an elevated laptop that makes us more productive. It also frees up more space on your desk for other necessities.

  5. Side table attached to the bed: working from your bed can be daunting when there's no space for all your things. This side table attached to the side of your bed will solve all your problems. Store your laptop, coffee, charger, and anything else on this mini table and you’ll never have to get out of bed to put your things away.