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5 Things To Expect When You Go Back Home for Thanksgiving

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

To all my dorm life people, Thanksgiving is probably the first time of the semester we get to go back home. We finally get a break from doing laundry, studying for midterms and eating cafeteria meals or take out. I don’t know if I speak for everybody, but I love going back home for Thanksgiving. Even though many people tell me is a waste of money because Christmas break is 2 weeks after Thanksgiving, I still decide to hop on that plane and fly home. Ever since my freshman year, I”ve always celebrated Thanksgiving with my family and I wouldn’t ever want to change that tradition– no matter how many miles away I am.

After three years of going back home, there are some things that never change. If you’re a freshman and it’s your first time going home for Thanksgiving, these are 5 things to expect: 

1. Abuela or Tía asking you about your relationship status  (Y el novio?) 

 You’ve been in college for only a semester and your fam is already asking you if you found your soulmate. UGH! Thank you for reminding me how Derek from the tailgate hasn’t texted me back after he said I was “special”. But don’t sweat it, Freshman year is the time to get used to college and have fun! The boyfriend will come when you least expect it. As for now, you do you boo! 

2. Running into your high school sweetheart 

Depending on how you guys ended things, this could be either very awkward or a very happy reunion. If you parted ways because of the distance (me), it’s probably going to include a long conversation in his car, reminiscing about the good old days and catching up with each others new lives. Not going to lie, it’s going to hurt when you have to say goodbye again but you will be glad you had that time with him. Whatever you do, DON’T GET BACK TOGETHER! When you’re that young, long distance relationships aren’t the best ideas. 

3. Running into your old squad 

Nothing better than reuniting with your girls after being apart of what seemed like the longest months ever. Your parents will probably start getting jealous of how much time your spending with your squad than with them. But it’s a mystic bond. A lot of people say that the friends you make in college will last you a life time, but I believe high school friends have a deeper bond. They witnessed you grow from a tiny 8th grader to a senior goddess. They know you inside and out. Although you don’t see each other every day, when you do come together, it’s like nothing has changed. 

4. The “What are you doing after college?” question

The famous question most of us don’t know the answer to, specially when your a freshman. Remind them is still your first semester and you probably don’t even know what your having for breakfast tomorrow. Don’t get overwhelmed and take each semester one at a time. If you’re a senior like me and still don’t know the answer to this question….well just invent an answer, I know I will. 

5. Not wanting to leave home 

The worst part of going back home for Thanksgiving is saying goodbye to your friends and family… again. After a week of delicious home cooked food and being in a stress free environment, it’s hard going back to pulling all nighters and living with strangers. Enjoy every second of it. And remember, in about two weeks you will come back for Christmas and stay for a whole month. 

P.S. It’s completely normal to cry in the airport bathroom. Just saying. 



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