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5 Gift Giving tips that will help you this holiday season

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With the holidays creeping around the corner I’ve come up with some helpful tips that’ll have your holiday shopping list done before the first snowflake hits the ground.

1. Write a list of who you plan on giving presents to and make it your lock screen.

Write down the people to whom you always give gifts to every year. This way you know exactly who you will be shopping for. Then set it as your lock screen that way it’s a constant reminder. So if you happen to find yourself at Target you could take a look at that hair curler that your mom wanted so much. It’s much easier to look for gifts when you are already at the store running errands.

2. Start Buying your wrapping paper now

Even if you haven’t bought any gifts yet you already know they will need to be wrapped. You’ll thank yourself in the future when you don’t have to run into the crowd store days before to pick up last-minute wrapping paper, bows, and gift bags.

3. Gift Cards can be Your Best Friend

Some people feel like gift cards can come across as impersonal, but a way to personalize it is by getting a giftcard to their favorite store or a place you know they go to frequently.

4. the best gifts require you to preheat at 350 degrees

The past few years I have been baking my friends their favorite baked goods with a heartfelt card and it’s been a hit each year. This is an affordable way to show your love. You can also make the presentation festive by putting the baked goods in holiday Tupperware! 

5. Creating a deadline

The best way to ensure that you won’t be waiting in those out of the door lines this holiday season is by creating a deadline for yourself. Choose the absolute last day you want to be in the store looking for and buying presents. This will motivate you to get things done early so there’s no pressure days before.

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