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4 Podcast You Need to Start Listening to Right Now

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

If you haven’t hopped on the podcast bandwagon, now is the time. Radio has slowly died out and become an outdated form of entertainment but thankful, podcasts are going strong. They’re perfect for keeping you company on public transport or on that dreadful commute to school in the morning. Now a day, you can find a podcast to listen to about pretty much any topic you want but just in case your starting out and don’t know where to beginning, here are some of my favorites!


1. Dear Sugar,

The podcast that founded my love for podcasts. Dear sugar is by Cheryl Strayed, the author of the now highly popular novel Wild. Before Wild, Strayed was an advice columnist. She became so well-liked, some of her columns were anthologized into a book Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life From Dear Sugar. In this podcast, Strayed goes back to her roots. Every week, she reads a letter from an anonymous sender from anywhere in the world. Thought heavy discord with her cohost, Almond, they try to unwind the problem at hand. The most enjoyable part of the podcast is getting to hear others issues and realizing how universal most of the feeling we feel are. Strayed gives advise and offers a new view on the writers life, while still making sure each episode resonates with the listener.


2. My Favorite Murder

If you’re into true crime, this podcast is for you. My Favorite Murder is a true crime comedy podcast, hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. The women take on a new case each week and dive into what happened in the murders. Similar to Buzzfeed Unsolved, both in theory and in enjoyability. Be warned: some episodes still keep me up at night.


3. Modern Love

For those who are helpless romantics, you’ll fall for Modern Love. The podcast who has my heart. Modern Love is a podcast about, you guessed it, love. Its based on the NY Times column, after becoming popularized over the past years. Each week, a celebrity takes turn reading a letter submitted and printed in the NY times. The letters tell stories and range from stories of hope, heartbreak, and everything that love entails. Recently, the podcast has gained a lot popularity so much so that Amazon has picked it up for a series.


4. Call Her Daddy

In short, imagine what women locker room talk sounds like, that’s Call Her Daddy. The podcast is produced by Barstool sports and, is hosted by Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn. The two girls talk about everything mostly focusing on sex and relationships. The podcast is vulgar but they do it in all the right ways. Making you feel like your chatting with my best friends. Their funny and NWFS, and just an overall great podcast, definitely give this one a chance.

Amanda is a Sophomore on the Premed track. When she's not studying or writing you can find her at the nearest coffee shop reading the latest book or shopping with friends.