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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

Being a new student away from home and starting a new routine in a different place with a distinct culture can be challenging. Balancing your personal, social, and student life all at once might seem overwhelming. But do not fear! By adopting these four new habits, you can have the best experience in college and excel in your semester:

1- Break It Down: Divide your big goals into smaller, manageable chunks that you can tackle daily, consistency is key. Breaking larger tasks into smaller pieces helps prevent overwhelm and allows for more effective progress. Make sure you prioritize the things you actually need to do fast.

2- Embrace Technology Tools: Take advantage of productivity apps and digital calendars to stay organized, set reminders, and track deadlines. We always use our phones anyway, so why not use apps like Notion, Todoist, or Google Calendar for seamless organization?

3- Join Study Groups: Not only will this help you stay motivated and keep track of your assignments, but it’s also an opportunity to make friends! Collaborating with classmates in study groups allows for discussions and reviews of course material. Sharing knowledge deepens understanding and provides fresh perspectives, enhancing learning and boosting productivity.

4- Create a Productive Study Environment: Find a peaceful and comfortable space where you can focus without distractions (yes, even your phone). Put your phone on sleep mode for a distraction-free study session. At FIU, we have fantastic study spots like the Green Library (MMC) and Hubert Library (BBC). Additionally, computer labs and reserved study spaces at FIU@75 are ideal for concentration. Making sure your study area is clean and clutter-free promotes a clear mind.

Remember that adjusting to college life takes time, and it’s normal to encounter difficulties along the way. By developing these habits, you will be better prepared to handle the demands of college and have a fulfilling and successful experience. Accept the challenge and make the most of your time at FIU!

Stephanie Almonte is a 20-year-old senior transfer student from the Dominican Republic and writer at Her Campus at FIU. While also being part of Her Campus, Stephanie works as a Social media manager for a technology company and in her free time, Stephanie loves to create content for her YouTube channel. She is currently a senior studying BBA doing a double major in Marketing and International Business. Stephanie loves working out, listening to music, creating content and traveling! She loves Taylor Swift and has an obsession with Formula 1 and Grey’s Anatomy.