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Let’s face it, everyone is probably behind on their New Year goal of reading more books. Now with school, activities, and clubs starting up everyone’s stressed. So take a break from all the stress from everyday life and sit down with some of these cozy fall reads.

Kings of Sin series by Anna Huang

You probably recognize the name Anna Huang. Ms.Huang wrote the original twisted series which had been all over booktok in addition to her new series. I recommend reading the Twisted series because some characters overlap in these books. However, this series has seven books, and two are already out. The 3rd is October 25th, and the 4th is April 30th 2024. Before reading do be warned these books contain explicit content and profanity which is recommended for mature readers only. All books are also dual POV

The first book in this series is King of Wrath. It stars Vivian Lau and Dante Russo. Dante Russo is a billionaire CEO with no plans of marrying anytime soon. Until the threat of blackmail forces him into marrying a women he barley knows. Now Dante is on a mission to destroy the evidence and get out of the marriage. What Dante didn’t expect was to fall for his blackmail bride. He will do anything to keep her. Vivian Lau is a jewelry heiress and the perfect daughter. She is also her families ticket to climbing the social ladder. Dante isn’t her dream partner but out of duty to her family she marries. She didn’t expect to crave his touch or fall in love with him.

Book 2 is called King of Pride and follows Vivian and Dantes best friend Kai Young and Isabella Valencia. Kai is the perfect British gentleman and Isabella is everything Kai doesn’t need with the CEO vote looming over his head. Isabella is full of life the exact opposite of Kai but can’t help but want him. The pair can’t resist each other and give into their forbidden desires no matter what it costs them.

King of Greed, out October 25th, is the third book in the series. Dominic Davenport has clawed his way up wall street and he has everything he could want a beautiful home, a beautiful wife, and more money than he could possibly spend. In his journey for more he drives away the one person who saw him as enough, his wife. Dominic doesn’t realize that until she’s gone and now he will fight for their marriage. Alessandra Davenport has been a trophy wife for years. She has stood by Dominic for years as he fought his way to the top. Now that they are there She finds he is no longer the man she fell in love with. So, Alessandra takes charge of her life and realizes she has to leave the only man she’s ever loved. Alessandra didn’t count for him refusing to let her go. She also didn’t count on Dominic fighting for their marriage no mater what it takes.

The Long Game by Elana Armas

I was fortunate enough to get an advanced readers copy of this from Simon and Schuster. If you’re a fan of ted Lasso then this book is right up your alley. In the near future this book will be turned into a series almost similar to the kings of sin series. It’s also a dual POV between the main characters Adalyn Reyes and Cameron Caldani.

Adalyn Reyes has the perfect life until a video of an altercation between her and the mascot of the Miami Flames soccer team turns her into a viral meme. Instead of firing her the team owner, Adalyns father, exiles her to the middle of no where North Carolina. She is tasked with turning around a struggling soccer team. Any plans Adalyn has crumble as soon as she gets there when she finds the wear tutus to practice, keep pet goats, and are terrified by Adalyn. Did I forget to mention they are all 9 yeas old? To make things worse her co-captain is Cameron Caldani, a goal keeping prodigy whose presence is a mystery. But their first meeting is less than idea involving a rooster, Cam’s leg, and Adalyn’s bumper. After that he is set to drive her out of town for good. Banishment is not an option for Adalyn. She helps this ragtag team of children as redemption and plays the long game. With or without Cameron.

Wildfire by Hannah Grace

You’ve heard of the book Icebreaker right? Well this is Hannah Graces newest book. It will follow 2 summer camp counselors who reconnect after a hot one night stand.

Russ Callaghan and Aurora Roberts cross paths at a party celebrating the end of the academic year. Here a drinking game results in a passionate one night stand. Aurora doesn’t expect much from a man and leaves before Russ can even get her full name. Now imagine their surprise when they bump into each other on the first day of summer camp where they are both camp counselors. They are both here to escape bad family lives. Russ trying to escape the fallout of his fathers gambling addiction and Aurora tired of craving attention from everyone, and wants to go back to a place where she felt at home. Russ knows not to break the camps “no staff fraternization” rule will have him back at maple hills before the summer is over but Aurora has never really cared for the rules. Can the 2 peacfully coexist? or will that one night start a fire they can’t put out?

The Ex Hex By Erin Sterling

If you need something to get you in the mood for Halloween this is the perfect book. Witches, hexes, and wishes gone wrong what isn’t to love?

Nine years ago Vivienne Jones nursed her broken heart like all the young witches with vodka, weepy music, a bubble bath, and of course a horrible curse on her ex boyfriend. Viv knows this isn’t the best way to use her magic but she only has an “orchard hayride” candle on hand. What harm could it do? give him a bad hair day or two? That’s until Rhys Penhallow descendent of the towns ancestors comes back to Graves Glen. This should be a quick trip to recharge the key lines and make an appearance at the towns festival. But calamity keeps striking Rhys, viv realizes her little ex hex was not as harmless as she thought. Suddenly, Graves Glen is being attacked from murderous wind-up toys, an angry ghost, and a talking cat. Now Viv and Rhys have to team up to break break-up curse well ignoring the off the charts chemistry they have.

Now that you have some book recommendations for this fall get a cozy blanket and some hot coco and get to reading!

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