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10 Ways to Have a Jolly Holiday Season

With 2017 coming closer to an end, the holiday season is quickly upon us. Are you feeling like Buddy the Elf or the Grinch? Regardless of your holiday mood, you should keep these 10 tips in mind when it comes to this holiday season.

1. Make a wish list.

Holiday season is the season for giving and receiving gifts so make sure to let your loved ones know what you’d like this year with a wish list. You’ll make their lives easier and get yourself excited with the anticipation of what will be waiting for you under the tree on Christmas morning.

2. Go shopping for gifts.

Spoiling loved ones during the holiday season is a great way to bask in that Christmas spirit. Take advantage of those extended mall hours and buy them the perfect present. You can even stop by and take a quick picture with Santa in the meantime.

3. Make a playlist to jam out to.

Want to feel like it’s Christmas every day? Make a playlist with all of your favorite holiday songs. In no time, you’ll be singing all of your holiday favorites like “All I Want for Christmas is You” and mastering the “Jingle Bell Rock” dance from Mean Girls.

4. Organize a Secret Santa for your squad.

Want to do something simple yet sweet for your friends? A Secret Santa is the best way to treat your friends and make them feel extra jolly for Christmas. Make it extra special by giving them clues about who their Secret Santa is.

5. Watch a Christmas movie marathon.

Put on your ugly Christmas sweaters and watch all of your Christmas favorites. There’s tons of holiday movies to watch and you can watch one every day until Christmas day. Some of them include: Elf, The Polar Express, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

6. Make a gingerbread house.

Get together with friends and family and decorate this holiday treat. Get creative and use tons of candy to make it colorful and sweet.

7. Decorate your Christmas tree.

A Christmas tree is the key to making it truly feel like Christmas. Choose your lights, ornaments, and what is decorating the very top of your tree. Need ideas? Check on Pinterest for inspiration.

8. Light up your room.

Put up Christmas lights – nowadays, you can get colorful lights or white lights to give your room that extra holiday sparkle. Bonus: you’ll also get better selfie lighting.

9. Visit a theme park.

Disney World isn’t in your budget? No worries! Miami has a very magical place: Santa’s Enchanted Forest. You can win prizes, eat fried Oreos and ride various attractions. You’ll have fun while being in a Winter Wonderland.

10. Spend time with your family.

And last but not least you can make this holiday season jolly by being with your family. Nothing beats spending time at home with your loved ones and making holiday memories to look back and laugh at.

Happy Holidays!

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