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No matter if you are a freshman just starting out or a returning student, these college dorm must-haves are game changers when it comes to efficiency, comfortability, and style. 

If you are miles away from home or even a few minutes away, living on your own can be a huge challenge in itself. Setting up a new environment can cost a pretty penny, especially nowadays. But these 10 items will make that errand run a lot easier and affordable in the long run. 

  1. Air fryer

If your university allows it, an air fryer is at the top of the list for a college dorm must-have in 2022. If you like to heat up leftovers and want them to taste as fresh and crisp as it was before, an air fryer can get that job done better than the typical microwave. Also calling all avocado toast lovers, air-fried bread is incomparable. 

  1. Mattress padding 

I think we all can agree that the mattress supplied in a college dorm was not designed for everyday comfort. But more likely for longevity… Having a twin XL mattress padding on hand when you first move into your dorm will be an absolute Godsend preventing you from sleepless nights or back aches from a stiff and flat spring popping rectangle. Great places to get one include your local Target, IKEA, and Walmart.

  1. LED light stripe

Who doesn’t love a little decor? LED lights can help elevate the look of your dorm instantly without putting in so much effort when it comes to designing. The color-changing effects help set the vibe for late-night streaming marathons or even just to study and do your homework. Scrolling through Pinterest can help you get started with some inspo. Amazon or your local Five Below should be able to help you out too because there are plenty of styles to choose from. 

  1. Shower Caddy 

Now we all know bathroom trips in college are nothing compared to the comfort of your own home. Having a shower caddy to carry your cleansers, hair products, and body scrubs is key to making those trips less chaotic and more efficient. Just grab and go! 

  1. A Book 

On those nights when you need a little extra care, having a book on hand can allow you to sit back and relax after a week or days of work. Whether it be self-help, fictional, or poetic entry, having a book can keep you occupied instead of the ever-so-popular blue light social media scroll. Make a list or head to TikTok, Instagram, or Pinterest beforehand to help you on choosing one that you find fits your interest best. 

  1. A plush friend

It never hurts having a fluffy friend waiting for you every time you get back to your room. Being in college can get lonely at times, especially when the weather may be bad and plans get canceled. Your bear, zebra, avocado plush, or any other furry friend(s) are just what you’ll need to keep you company… or do a face mask with. 

  1. A Diffuser

Another great tool to help set the vibe and tone for your college dorm experience is… aroma therapy. A diffuser has been so beneficial in making my wine downtime so calming. Plus it is so much fun getting to choose a scent for the night. But beware, once you own a diffuser… I guarantee, there is no going back. 

  1. Projector 

Have you ever thought about having an in-dorm theater at your disposal? Well in 2022, that is without a doubt possible! Ordering a projector on Amazon has been one of the best additions to my on-campus living experience. Stream your favorite seasons of any show or movie in the essence of a cinematic perspective. Just be sure to purchase the phone or computer adapter while you’re at it! 

  1. Laptop stand 

You may already have this one at home, but if you don’t… what are you waiting for? A laptop stand is super helpful in making one be focused on my task behind the screen. Plus, it has been proven to improve your posture—definitely a double win. 

  1. Digital alarm clock 

You may be wondering why I have included this item in the list of a modern-day society of Gen Z college students, but trust me when I say that it works! You can get so comfortable snoozing your phone alarm, but once you snooze an alarm clock you are already up for the day. Especially if you put it across from you and have to get up out of bed to turn it off. You’ll thank me later when you find yourself being more productive.

That’s it! 10 things to help kickstart your year as a student in college living on campus. I hope these items not only improve your experience but also help set the vibe of your room… for years on end. 

Kimora is a writer from the HerCampus Chapter at Florida International University. *Her current status: vlogging. Join the #kimmunity