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Maria Scheller-Two Girls Friends Long Hair Blonde And Burnette Flower Mural
Maria Scheller-Two Girls Friends Long Hair Blonde And Burnette Flower Mural
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Why Should You Join Her Campus FIT?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIT chapter.

Her Campus is a fairly new club on FIT’s campus, launched in 2019 – but we are growing quickly. From sponsorships from Mary Kay and Universal Standard, to collaborating with other clubs on campus such as Rent the Runway and First Aid Beauty, we are a vastly growing network. “We’re basically a community of BFFs that love to tag each other in memes, talk about sex, and share the best skincare tips. We keep up with celeb news and feminist politics (reproductive justice anyone?), and we’ve got the insider info you need for landing that dream internship or making the perfect mug-cake in your dorm. Here’s the deal: Her Campus is here to make your life easier while being 100% real with you at all times. We encourage, inspire, and celebrate. We provide no judgment, just real talk. We’re like, kind of your best friend.” The Her Campus network expands across the globe and is an amzing opportunity to network, build your resume, and meet your girl gang at the same time. In case that wasn’t convincing enough, we asked our members why they joined HCFIT in the first place and what they love about it.

Community & Friendships

“One of the many reasons I joined Her Campus was because I wanted to be apart of a community. I wanted to meet other females who have similar interests and passions as me that I could connect with and relate to. These connections easily turned into friendships that I will cherish forever! I’ve always had a passion for writing, and felt that this would be the perfect place for me to produce articles as well as gain inspiration all in one place! Along with the sense of community Her Campus provides, I love the freedom and flexibility given by HC which allows me to write about anything of interest!” -Alexis Kalil

Having a Safe Place

“The reason that I joined Her Campus is because I felt that I had all these bottled up opinions that now I’m able to freely write about. I also am able to have a safe place at school where all ideas are encouraged and have a great board to bounce ideas off of. When my friend Carli came to me with the idea of starting it I knew I’d make it my mission to be a club at FIT. Her Campus feels like a sisterhood and offers amazing opportunities for all its members. I never thought I would have an opportunity to work with Mary Kay or Universal Standard being only a sophomore in college. Her Campus opens the door to show me once in a lifetime offers and I know that this club will help me get to where I wany to be one day. Finally, I love to write and being able to about anything under the sun is so rewarding and when people read your articles and feel moved in any sort of way, it is extremely rewarding.” -Joely Pasetsky

Creative Freedom

“I joined because I know someone who is a national writer for Her Campus and it always seemed like she had a lot of fun writing her articles, so when I saw that there was going to be a chapter at FIT it definitely made me want to join! I think it’s a great club for anyone to be involved with because you can write about whatever interests you, which means there can be so much diverse and creative content. Plus I love that it’s a great way to gain experience and it looks amazing on a resume!” -Emily Bittner

Having a Voice

“I decided to join HCFIT because I had always seen HCFIT articles and I loved reading them. When I started to learn more about what Her Campus was about I fell in love. Her Campus stresses giving content creators a voice. Specifically, Her Campus give college students from all over the U.S. a voice. Not to mention, learning to write about your feelings in a professional manner is great for your resume.” -Minaal Chaudry

Develop Professional Skills

“I first heard about Her Campus when I was in high school, so I was very excited when my friend, Carli, told me she was starting a chapter at FIT.  I’ve found that HCFIT is a great way to develop professional skills, become a better writer, and experiment with brands and products that I’ve never tried before. My favorite part about Her Campus is being  around smart and inspiring other students.” -Lindsey Labarbara


“I originally wrote for Her Campus on their national level before I decided to launch a chapter at FIT. Being a part of Her Campus gives me a platform to write about what I love while gaining professional media experience. I am so inspired by all of the women who write for Her Campus and feel so empowered to be a part of a network of such ambitious, intelligent, kind women. We work together as a team to create a publication we can all be proud of. Her Campus isn’t just a publication, it’s a community where everyone is accepted and valued. I know the friendships I have formed through Her Campus will last a lifetime!” -Carli Brennan

Want to join? Email hercampus@fitnyc.edu or hc.fit@hercampus.com!

Carli is a 2022 grad of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and served as the style section editor for Her Campus. After being a national style writer for Her Campus, she launched Her Campus FIT. A born and raised Jersey Girl, she is a huge Bruce Springsteen fan. In her spare time she loves running, jamming to Taylor Swift, and tracking down the best burgers. Find her on Instagram @carliannescloset.