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Cara Benevenia
Cara Benevenia
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Who Are The Style Icons of The Year?

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIT chapter.

Every year, fashion changes and many styles are reused or reinvented. The concept of fashion is unlimited, as there are so many different ways one can style an outfit. Fashion capitals like New York, Paris, and Milan always stand out with unique approaches as well as their runway shows during Fashion Week. Designers branch out into a variety of new ideas surrounding the view of fashion including art, culture, and technique.

From big award events to film festivals to everyday wear, here are five people who have an individual and distinctive sense of style when they are in the public eye, especially in 2023.

  1. Taylor Russell

The Bones and All actress has been spotted many times around New York and now London as she is there performing in a lead role for The Effect at the National Theatre. She is a global brand ambassador for one of the up and coming brands, Loewe, as she incorporates pieces from the brand in her everyday style. Not only does she rock every outfit she is put in at events, but her sleek and edgy street style has come to many people’s attention. Taylor Russell keeps an effortless look as she dresses up in vintage pieces, Loewe items, or clothing articles from The Row (another of her favorite brands).

2. Jacob Elordi

Who doesn’t love when a man dresses up, especially when he’s in touch with his feminine side? I know Jacob Elordi is definitely confident and thrives in his style, whether it’s for a campaign shoot, an event, or his daily wear. The Australian actor has had quite a year with his upcoming movies, Priscila and Saltburn. Whether he keeps his looks casual or done up, he’s always looking chic. From cargo pants to muscle tees, he knows what he’s doing when it comes to making an outfit look comfortably cool. 

3. Emily Ratajkowski 

Emily Ratajkowski or better known as “Emrata” is one of New York City’s “It Girls”. Every time she steps out of the door, if she’s walking her dog or taking her baby out for a stroll, she’s dressed to the max in the most effortless way possible. She’s got a keen eye for style and fits the New York City fashion scene perfectly. Always seen in trendy clothing or staple pieces, she knows how to put an outfit together and make it a fashion statement. There’s so much color and neutrals in her wardrobe and she makes it work even when mixing it together. 

4. Jennie Kim

This K-Pop idol has been a phenomenon with her band Blackpink and her acting in The Idol this year. Being one of Chanel’s ambassadors, the star has the cutest babydoll style while keeping it classy and flattering. She embodies lots of lace, baby tees, pastels, and ribbon in her outfits. While she keeps it sweet and stylish, she also knows how to pull off her elegant and sophisticated event uniforms. Jennie Kim adds a lot of light and love to her style as she looks like a doll at her concerts and in the public eye, in general. 

Aneesha is a senior at the Fashion Institute of Technology studying Advertising and Marketing Communications focusing on journalism.