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Magnum Ice Cream x Iris Van Herpen Vegan Dress
Magnum Ice Cream x Iris Van Herpen
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This Spring, The Pants Are Coming Off…

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIT chapter.

As the weather is heating up, so are our outfits. And if you usually trade in your pants for skirts or dresses come springtime, you can leave them all at home. Pants have now become optional. 

In recent years, fashion has peeled back the layers of clothing and revealed more skin. Low-rise pants made a comeback and showed off all that stomach we had been covering for years of high waist and super high waist. Some waists even dropped so low as to reveal the g-strings underneath. We got even friendlier with underwear when sheer, mesh, and lace came into play last year. Dresses and t-shirts in these fabrics leave little to the imagination. Paired either with a covering slip underneath or just a matching set of underwear, these show all outfits have only increased in popularity since the start of 2023. 

But the newest trend has been solidified: the no-pants pants. Appearing to take a nod from the trending ballet core, this new trend moves from leg warmers and wrap sweaters to sheer black tights and bodysuits for a night out. The trend has just gotten hotter as more celebrities and designers have started experimenting with it. Kendall Jenner made our jaws drop when she stepped out in a navy blue Bottega Veneta sweater, black pumps, semi-sheer Calzedonia tights, and black briefs. And our jaws were practically on the floor when Bella Hadid walked the streets eating a New York Slice wearing just her bare legs, tighty whities, an oversized bomber jacket, and platform mini uggs (to stay warm of course). 

As more celebrities, such as Camilla Mendes, Julia Fox, and Kylie Jenner, have started to leave their pants at home, the trend has picked up in popularity. Beyond the streets, designers are even leaving pants off their runways with the trend dominating the Fall 2023 fashion week shows. In New York, Christian Siriano, Prabal Gurung, and Dion Lee all sent their models down the runway sans pants. In Paris, Miu Miu ended the show with celebrity Emma Corin in showstopping gold sequined “bottoms”, sheer tights, and a nude sweater. But even if you can’t bedazzle one of your pairs of panties or afford designer level undies, content creators on TikTok and Instagram have taken to offering their own advice by uploading “how to style the no-pants trend” videos.  

So as spring and summer roll around, will the newest accessory be our bare legs? Or is this just another impractical fashion trend? For most the answer is probably yes, this is just another impractical fashion trend. But, if you are looking to spice up your style for the warmer months, think about leaving some clothes at home.

Clara is a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology studying Advertising and Marketing Communications. She loves reading, writing, drinking coffee, and exploring the city.