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The Best Coffee Shops in NYC for College Students

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIT chapter.

There is no shortage of coffee shops in New York City. There are practically two on every street corner charging an arm and a leg for a 4oz watered-down espresso shot. So, where to go then? As an avid cafe fanatic I’ve gone to quite a few in my time living in the city. The shops on this list are on it for a few reasons: 1. they provide great vibes and ambiance 2. they won’t break the bank (at least by NYC standards) and 3. their coffee is actually good. Another key attribute for my college students is seating availability which almost all of the ones listed provide.

So scroll and read on to find a few of my favorite coffee shops and maybe discover your next spot for an espresso drink and croissant!

  1. Drama Book Shop

The Drama Book Shop is a personal fave of mine to get some work done and enjoy a reasonably priced espresso drink. At the heart of the Broadway district, The Drama Book Shop is a favorite for theatre lovers and thespians alike, featuring a wide selection of plays and musical scripts. The shop is owned by none other than Lin Manuel Miranda and I’m not saying you’ll see him, but I’m not saying you’ll NOT see him either… Lin has been known to frequent the shop as well as other various starlets from Broadway. And if that isn’t enough to sell you on it, it is a very instagrammable spot. With books floating throughout the store in whimsy and fantasy, it’s great to snap that perfect pic or add a bit of ambiance to your study sesh.

  1. Matto

With various locations around the city, Matto is the perfect place to get your cheap coffee and sweet treat fix. Charging only $2.50 for high-quality espresso and coffee, you can have your cake, or espresso, and eat it too! 

  1. Think Coffee

Think Coffee is great for a quick catch-up with friends that won’t break the budget. And while you are sipping your choice drink and selected pastry, you’ll also be feeling great about supporting a good cause. Think Coffee works with a variety of farming projects such as housing reconstruction, clean water access, and worker housing for communities in need. 

  1. Old Country Coffee

I’m sure you’re tired of talking about the ambiance, but what is a coffee shop without the perfect vibes? This coffee shop has the coziest farmhouse-feeling interior. Littered with various knick-knacks and kitschy decor, walking in is like being wrapped in an espresso-scented hug. They have a variety of specialty flavored lattes that rotate weekly as well as a wide selection of breakfast sandwiches, soups, and pastries. This shop also provides a lot of seating so feel free to bring your laptop or a good book!

  1. King Street

King Street Coffee is a recent find of mine and might be my new go-to spot to work at. The store itself is covered in plants and vines which feels like stepping into a greenhouse, the perfect escape from the city skyscrapers. This coffee shop also has its pastries supplied by Balthazaar Bakery which should be reason enough to visit this cafe! 

Noelle is a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology studying advertising and marketing. She loves all things pop-culture-related, exploring the city, trying new coffee shops, reading, and taking pictures for her Instagram @enchanted.elle where she shares styling videos and more.