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Rent the Runway is the Secret to Always Be the Best Dressed

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIT chapter.

While living in one of the fashion capitals of the world, New York City, and also attending a fashion school where oversized t-shirts and leggings are most definitely not the uniform, looking fashinable at all times is super important! It’s a must to create your own personalized fashion forward looks with designer touches while on a college budget. 

Rent the Runway – RTR for short – is going to be your new best friend. RTR lets you rent designer pieces, wear them, post a cool photo in them, and return them for someone else to rent and enjoy next. Talk about a combo: designer clothes plus sustainability. It’s the largest virtual closet of any girl’s dreams. Maybe you’ve heard of Rent the Runway before as a good place to rent fancy dresses for events. But they have so much more to offer and have grown to be leaders in allowing designer pieces to be accessbile to all without breaking the bank. 

So, what is Rent the Runway?

Attention all: Rent the Runway is a service that allows women to rent, rather than buy, high-end, designer clothing for unbelievably affordable prices. It allows them a low-risk rotation of stylish clothes and with it, more closet space and room in their budget. Basically, Rent the Runway fulfills every girl’s dream of having an endless closet – it’s just an online endless virtual closet, filled with endless options of designers, colors, and silhouettes. 

RTR offers members a living closet that grows and changes with them, so members can continually change their style, how they express themselves and account for significant events in their lives (e.g. pregnancy, wedding, work). From formal event dresses and gowns to professional work wear to the latest trends and styles seen down designer runways, the versatility of Rent the Runway is incredible for women of all ages and styles! 

How Does Rent the Runway work?

Rent the Runway offers many options for their fashionistas. The first option is the basic “4-8 day rental” known as the reserve rental. Thisoptions allows users to pay to rent a designer clothing item or accessory for a certain event for a significantly discounted price and return it within 4-8 days after. 

Even better, Rent the Runway offers membership plans so the RTR girl can have her new rentals every month, and in one membership plan option, as often as she would like!

The Unlimited Plan offers four items to be rented at a time, with the ability to swap items as often as you would like, with 15,000+ styles from 650+ designers. This membership plan allows the ability to wear items with a retail value up to $3,000 and monthly retail value of $10,000+. The other membership plan is the Update Plan, offering four items at a time, and allows swapping rentals just once a month, with 10,000+ styles from 400+ designers. This membership plan allows the renter to wear items with retail value up to $350 and monthly retail value up to $1,400.

Sound amazing? Trust me it is – and it’s addicting. I constantly rent stunning pieces for all kinds of events. I became the first Campus Coordinator for the Rent the Runway college program at FIT in Fall 2018, and since then have continued being an RTR rep for the past two semesters. These past semesters as an RTR user, neither me nor my wardrobe have ever looked cooler – which aligns perfectly with Rent the Runway’s mission statement, “to make women feel empowered and self-confident every single day.” Rent the Runway’s college ambassador program has brought designer fashion to an affordable plane for college students and those who can’t spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on one clothing item or accessory. “Being an RTR Rep here at FIT has allowed me to wear amazing trendy designer pieces, while on a budget, and has allowed me to connect with other fashion conscious girls on my campus and 40+ other campuses in the United States who create the RTR Rep program” says Taylor, fellow Rent the Runway Rep here at FIT. 

Be the best dressed at not only this year’s holiday events, but at every future event and occasion without breaking the bank! Join the movement, with endless “options, options, options.” Use our code RTRFIT25 for 25% off your first purchase!

If you’re a FIT student and want to apply to be a part of the Rent the Runway College Rep program apply here!

A senior at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City! Studying Fashion Business Management, and Advertising Marketing Communications. With a passion for all things fashion, and beauty related. On the weekends I enjoy spending time with family and friends and also exploring NYC with friends, taking photos, shopping, and going to cute coffee shops and restaurants!
Carli is a 2022 grad of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and served as the style section editor for Her Campus. After being a national style writer for Her Campus, she launched Her Campus FIT. A born and raised Jersey Girl, she is a huge Bruce Springsteen fan. In her spare time she loves running, jamming to Taylor Swift, and tracking down the best burgers. Find her on Instagram @carliannescloset.