One Direction Infection

If you have been feeding back into your old habits during quarantine and reclaimed your addiction to One Direction, you are not alone. Mine started a little before the quarantine, but has become exponentially worse. I am going to tell you different things I use to cope with my love for Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn.

1. Niall’s Instagram Lives

This past week he wasn’t feeling well, but in the past he has gone on live and answered fans' questions and sang A LOT! If you have been listening to Heartbreak Weather, you are in luck because he keeps performing those amazing songs on his live.

2. TikTok

The app is filled with a lot of both One Direction and solo content that will allow you to reminisce on your childhood obsession.

3. This Is Us Movie

The movie This is Us is available on Amazon Prime and it is a must watch. If you are a real Directioner you have seen it hundreds of times, but it is a perfect time to watch it again. You can see the iconic "Teenage Dirtbag" performance and watch the boys fool around and have fun on tour. This movie is great and you can even sing along.

4. Where We Are Full Concert 

Available on YouTube! You get to see the "Right Now" moment that moved the boys and see how they interact with the fans. This is a great concert and you get to feel like you are really there.

5. TV Special

On YouTube there is also the full TV special that is just so much fun to watch. You get to see Liam interview the boys on the rollercoaster and get some more live music.

6. Sirius XM Hits 1 Twitter Account

SiriusXM Hits 1 Twitter blows up almost everyday about One Direction. They talk about their solo and band hits and the fans go off. It is extremely entertaining and I highly recommend it.

7. YouTube

The last recommendation is to fall into a YouTube hole and watch videos from their funny moments to their audition tapes. This is pure entertainment and you get to see the boys when they were really young. These videos will take up your days so be cautious, but do enjoy!

One Direction infection is a real thing and it is coming back stronger than ever within the quarantine. Enjoy these few pieces of entertainment to fill your One Direction void and hopefully on July 24th there will be some sort of reunion!