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My Top Five Songs on Olivia Rodrigo’s New Album

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By Neshama Rudnitzky

On September 8th, 2023, Olivia Rodrigo released her second album, Guts. This album was long awaited for many fans of Rodrigo, after the release of her debut album Sour, over two years ago.

There are many distinct differences between Rodrigo’s first album and second album. The most prominent difference being the tones that are used in each album.

Sour has a much more light and superficial tone, as it was released when Rodrigo was still 18. Guts has a much more mature and deep tone, which is due to the fact that Rodrigo is now a couple of years older and has experienced so much more since she was put in the spotlight.

As I listened to the new album, there were songs which I resonated with for a multitude of different reasons. Here are my top five favorite songs from the album:

Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl

This song is about what life as a homeschooled girl is like. As someone who has only gone to schools with lots of people and many opportunities to make friends, I never thought that there might be people who are not afforded the same opportunities. Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl was almost a look into a young girl’s diary, and what her experiences were like as she did not having social interactions with people on a regular basis.

teenage dream

Teenage Dream is a commentary on the ways society views teenagers. Why is it that a teenager is thought of as less intelligent than those who have lived longer? Why are their experiences not valued, respected, or held to the same standard as that of our elders? This song left me thinking about what truly constitutes as a knowledgeable individual in our society.


Is love ever really logical? This is one of those songs that we can all relate to in one way or another. Logical is the musical version of our thoughts. When we fight with a loved one or have a bad relationship, no matter who it’s with. As people, we constantly question if the things we do and the people we have relationships with are right. At the end of the day everyone has their faults, no relationship is going to be perfect. In the words the Olivia Rodrigo, “no, love is never logical.”

bad idea right?

We’ve all been there. Debating wether the decision we are about to make is going to bring us down or if it’s worth having a single moment of joy for. Rodrigo wrote this song about whether she should spend time with an ex-boyfriend. After listening to this song on repeat for the last few weeks, I think it’s so much deeper than this. The song is relatable and has many layers to it. It could be examined from many angles. After about my tenth listen, I picked the song apart in so many ways. What I feel we could all learn from this song is that at the end of the day, as human beings, we sometimes choose what will feel best, over what is right. As people we make bad decisions and it is a part of life.

get him back

This song was one of my favorites, not for a deep and philosophical reason, but simply because I loved the tune and can listen to it on full blast every time. Some songs are skippable. This one is not that. Every time I listen to this song I have immediate nostalgia. There is something about the tune that has the same vibe as pop songs from the aughts (my personal favorite genre). If you’re in a nostalgic mood or want to be reminded of the songs you listened to in the early 2000s, give Get Him Back a listen.

Overall, I rate Guts a 10/10. If you want to be left contemplating societal beliefs or are in the mood for some throwback tunes, this album is for you.

My name is Neshama Rudnitzky. I am a current Advertising and Marketing student at The Fashion Institute of Technology. I am extremely passionate about writing. Some of my favorite topics to write about include fashion, NYC, and pop-culture. My work can be found on W27 Online, the official newspaper website of FIT. A few of my hobbies include making beaded jewelry, reading fashion magazines, and exploring New York City. I love learning and trying new things and taking every professional opportunity that I could get. I have previously worked at NYFW, as a social media intern in Tel Aviv, and am currently employed at the FIT animation department. I also work as the social media manager of the FIT Hillel, the Jewish club on campus.