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Meet FIT(s): A New Social Media for FIT Students

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIT chapter.

Every FIT student knows the struggle of picking out an outfit. Whether agonizing over the perfect first day of school outfit, trying to decide on the vibe you want for yet another Harry Styles concert or just not knowing what to throw on for a day of errands, putting together an outfit can quickly turn into an hour-long process. But there is some good news for all of us who need some outfit inspiration. 

David Vasquez, who previously worked at Tik Tok, and Andrew Pang, who previously worked as an engineer at ClassPass and launched his own clothing brand, MANDO Clothing, are behind a brand new app called FIT(s), a social media platform for FIT students to share their outfits. “Andrew and I are passionate about fashion and felt there needed to be a community where people can share their latest looks and be inspired by the fashion that others are sharing,” says Vasquez. “We started speaking with people in many different fashion communities, and one person we spoke to was a FIT student. After speaking with her, we immediately realized that FIT students would be the most excited about this type of social app.” 

The app has many different features. Users can post their outfits, comment on each other’s posts, and give each other “applauses.” There are no numbers on the app, in an effort to create a welcoming environment where people can post their outfits, without worrying about likes. “Unlike Instagram,” Vasquez explains, “FIT(s) is not about showing your friends what you’re up to, and it’s not about being an influencer or creator. It’s about sharing the products you love and helping others get fashion inspiration… you also won’t see any professional, highly edited photos on our feed.”

The app is currently invite-only. To get an invite, visit https://www.fitsatfit.com/ and enter your FIT email!

Jools is a senior at FIT majoring in Advertising and Marketing Communications with a minor in writing. She is the President and Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus at FIT.