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After the long-awaited release, The Kardashians finally came out with the first episode of Season 4 and things are already starting to heat up! From love triangles in the past to secret family group chats, learn more about what’s tearing the 2 oldest sisters apart through the phone call that reveals it all.

The new season aired on September 28th, 2023, and since then, Kim and Kourtney’s intense phone call is all fans can talk about. The conversation began with good spirits, at least from Kim’s perspective, as she had called Kourtney with the intent of inviting her to Milan for her upcoming Dolce and Gabbana event. However, the mood quickly transcended following Kourtney’s blunt response of being too “Dolced out”. Now, these 2 sisters, in particular, have always been known for their differing opinions. Even dating all the way back to the days of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which premiered in 2007, Kim views Kourtney as someone who lacks a strong work ethic and is unappreciative of other people’s time, and for that, Kim doesn’t always respect her the way she does her other sisters. Kourtney, on the other hand, addresses that Kim only thinks about herself. When Kim acknowledges edits of the show from the past that she thinks “riled” them both up, Kourt waves the idea away, claiming that she was never riled up and didn’t think there were any issues pertaining to the show.

Kourtney clapped back arguing that what she was REALLY upset about, was Kim’s demeanor at her wedding. According to Kourt, Kim complained throughout the entire ceremony and shared no happiness with her sister on her big day. Many suspect this has something to do with Kim’s rumored past with Kourtney’s now husband, Travis Barker. The famous Blink 182 drummer published his memoir: Can I Say: Living Large, Cheating Death, and Drums Drums Drums in 2016, long before he started dating Kourt. In one line of the book he writes: “How could you not stare at Kim?” and “I wanted to be nothing but a gentleman to her”. Although both Kim and Travis deny ever being in a physical relationship, fans question otherwise.

When hearing Kourt’s recap of the wedding, Kim becomes enraged that her sister thinks so low of her. She even calls Kourt out for having a “serious vendetta” and asks her “Why do you hate me so much?”. Kourt only wanted her voice to be heard and once again her “narcissistic” little sister was too busy focusing on herself for that to happen. Kim doesn’t just stop here, she goes on to call Kourtney a “different person”, by hitting her with all types of low blows just to get in her head. She references the family group chat named “Not Kourtney”, where they all seemingly discuss Kourt’s issues, her friends that come to the family when Kourt is too much to deal with, and goes as far as to say her own kids see it too and they go to Kim and the rest of the family when they feel overwhelmed by their mother. TikTok users have been quick to voice their opinions about Kim’s behavior in this episode, commenting that Kim is “showing her true colors” and has “always been manipulative toward Kourt”. Many are especially disgusted with Kim for bringing up her kids as if this was her last grab at making Kourtney feel guilty, almost as though she’s so deranged that she worsens the lives of all those around her. Fans are shocked that the Kardashians chose to release this episode, as many believe it paints Kim in an atrociously negative light.

Whether Kim’s an egotistical narcissist or Kourtney’s just delusional, the controversy is still up for debate. So get your popcorn ready and tune in to The Kardashians on Thursday, October 5th for the second episode to see what goes down next.

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