How Early is Too Early For the Start of The Holiday Season?

The Christmas holiday season comes upon us each year. As they say, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year.” But when does this most wonderful time of the year begin? When does the Christmas season and all of its joy officially commence?

Some may say, the holiday season begins right after Halloween, beginning November 1st, while others strongly disagree and believe that November 1st is way too early.These people people believe the holiday season begins after Thanksgiving, more like December 1st.

I decided to investigate by posting an Instagram poll to address this so argued question. About 118 people voted, ranging from high school students to college students, to a few gen x adults who are mothers and fathers. My poll asked for my followers' thoughts on the question: does the Christmas/holiday Season begin either option 1: Early November 1st or option 2: December 1st?

The results received from this poll were 78 people believing that The Christmas/holiday season begins November 1st, and 40 people believing otherwise that the joyous holiday season doesn’t officially start until December 1st. With 66% of Instagram poll viewers believing that The Christmas holiday season begins in early November, it seems that they agree the sooner the better. Opposing those Christmas holiday fanatics is the 34% that felt that the Christmas holiday season doesn’t start until December 1st, after Thanksgiving. 

These results of people feeling that November 1st is the official start of the Christmas season is most likely due to the marketers and brands that influence and surround us. With the start of their holiday ads, limited edition products, and traditions flooding our social media feeds, it is almost overwhelming how much holiday material is thrown at us from the beginning of November.

Brands that agree with these Christmas fanatics include Starbucks, who released their seasonal holiday drinks back to the menu in early November as fans anticipate the brand's new seasonal coffee cups, released on November 7th. Retail stores get in the holiday spirit early as well, specifically Macy’s flagship store in Herald Square New York City, decorated their renowned storefront windows and displayed their iconic “Believe” Christmas holiday sign alongside the building that can be seen walking down 34th Street. Another New York City Christmas holiday commencement in November is the opening of Bryant Park’s signature holiday shop village and ice-skating rink, which opened this year on November 1st. To top it all off, artists release new Christmas and holiday music and radio stations play their favorite holiday hits all starting in early November. We can’t help but to feel like the Christmas and holiday season starts in November as we become immune to and absorb all of these things that marketers are doing around us. 

We have our crazy Christmas lovers who believe the holiday season begins in early November, and we have our respective "Thanksgiving must take place before the commencement of the official Christmas holiday season" people. But at the end of the day, why not let the most wonderful time of the year start a little early?