How to Create a Fall Capsule Wardrobe

With fall in the air and winter just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to update our wardrobes for cooler weather. Below are some tips for creating a capsule wardrobe for Fall 2020.

Part 1

1. Clean Out Your Closet

Start by pulling everything out of your closet and taking inventory of the clothes you have. Go through each item and only keep the things that you love, and feel confident wearing.

2. Divide Your Clothes

Divide your clothes into two categories: basics and statement pieces. Statement pieces are items that you wear every once in a while, or they complement basics within an outfit. Basics are the items that match everything and are on rotation in your closet frequently. 

Once you have your clothes organized, we can start to create a wardrobe.

Part 2

3. Choose A Color Scheme

I like to start by choosing some basic colors and then adding in some fun ones. For example, my personal Fall 2020 capsule wardrobe has a color scheme of black, cream, olive green, white, and blues. The majority of my clothes are within this color scheme. It makes getting dressed in the morning simple because most of your clothes all match with each other.  

4. If You Don’t Already Own Them, Buy The Basics

If you have these items, you can create basic outfits and have the foundation for fashion-forward or statement outfits. The basics for a fall wardrobe might look a little different for everyone depending on what you wear, however, some essentials include:

  • Dark Skinny Jeans

  • Light Boyfriend Jeans

  • Black Skinny Jeans

  • Long Sleeve White Tee

  • Long Sleeve Black Tee

  • Little Black Dress

  • Cream Sweater

  • Olive Cargo Jacket or Denim Jacket

  • Black Booties

  • Taupe Mules or Slides

5. Now That You Have Basics, Add In The Fun, Statement Pieces.

Mix and match both statement and basic pieces to curate fun looks for each day. You can even use Pinterest for style inspiration.

6. Tips For Purchasing The Wardrobe On A Budget

  • Splurge on jeans, you want these to fit well and last

  • Save on tee shirts, these can be cheap and look fine as well as be easily replaced

  • Amazon has great quality sweaters, for decent prices

  • Buy good quality shoes that will last an entire season