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FIT Alumni Danielle Bernstein (@WeWoreWhat) Announces Launch With Macy’s

An FIT Alumni herself, with a degree from The Fashion Institute of Technology in Advertising Marketing Communications, this boss woman has built, and is still building an empire. Living right here in New York City. With a 2.3 million following on Instagram. Danielle Bernstein, also known as WeWoreWhat, is a fashion blogger and the founder of WeWoreWhat, founder and designer of ShopWeWoreWhat.com, founder and CEO of tech company software Moe Assist, and soon to be author of book This is Not a Fashion Story. She has also had multiple brand collaborations with brands such as Onia Swimwear, Joe’s Jeans, Larsson and Jennings Watches, and Lulu DK Jewelry. To add to her list of successes, she has had multiple brand deals by promoting and posting products to her large following via social media, keenly Instagram, and her blog from major fashion brands and designers as she styles pieces in such a chic and trendy, yet versatile way. Safe to say Danielle Bernstein is just about doing it all focused within the fashion industry. She has no limits as she is only spreading her accomplishments and knowledge beyond fashion and into the tech industry, book industry and likely many more in the future. 


A post shared by Danielle Bernstein (@weworewhat) on Feb 4, 2020 at 6:07am PST

Bernstein attracts and holds the interest of her following with her iconic fashion looks and constant Instagram postings and stories. Bernstein always look amazing whether her iconic “OOTD’s” (outfits of the day) are head to toe designer, or some days more affordable pieces from brands like Revolve, Zara, Asos, and Bohoo.com. Bernstein always tries to give affordable alternative options when possible to her looks by posting those on her fashion blog site.

When asking followers of Danielle Bernstein why they love her as an influencer/blogger,they all said one thing in common: that she always interacts with her audience/followers and uses the feedback that they give her, keeps her content real, and will share rough and more personal times in her life that she may be going through. Bernstein’s success is built through these connections and shared similarities of her followers by sharing all of her life, not just the picture perfect parts. She has built what she calls a relationship and community with her following, referring to her followers as her friends and support system. 

Bernstein’s ShopWeWoreWhat.com is her online website where she sells her individually designed pieces and launches them all by inspired and themed collections. ShopWeWoreWhat mainly focuses on iconic inspired bathing suit collections and her signature overalls ranging in fabrics, colors and styles all differentiated by collection themes. However, since Bernstein is the only founder of ShopWeWoreWhat and the designer herself, she drives her brand and clothing pieces to be the best of quality. This unfortunately then ups the retail price of ShopWeWoreWhat pieces, having them be not so affordable to all of her community and following (in the $100-$200 price range).

Which leads to the release of Danielle Bernstein’s big announcement drop that happened on Tuesday, February 4th via Instagram. Bernstein is launching an exclusive and more affordable line with worldwide department store giant, Macy’s, and is set to be released on March 5th, 2020. The exclusive Macy’s line will be called Danielle Bernstein. All pieces of the line made to be more affordable gearing towards Bernstein’s community, the new exclusive line clothing pieces all retailing for under $100, sizes ranging from 00 to plus sizes, while being sold in over one hundred Macy’s stores, and of course will be available on Macy’s.com to all. Bernstein shared her personal connection and thoughts on this opportunity and new and exciting launch. Sharing on her Instagram that she grew up shopping at Macy’s with her mom every season and was so thrilled for this opportunity with a company that can reach her audience worldwide and on a more affordable budget. Bernstein said “the design of these pieces were all designed by me, my time, along with the Macy’s design team, and are all versatile pieces that I would wear myself.” Her followers are excited for the big launch date coming so soon! As I can say for myself, I’m beyond excited for the exclusive Danielle Bernstein line to drop at Macy’s, as I’ve been a loyal follower of Danielle Bernstein myself, and am obsessed with her entire wardrobe and every look she styles. To see specifically an FIT graduate accomplish such extraordinary things has me truly inspired and motivated by how hard she works in this industry. 


A senior at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City! Studying Fashion Business Management, and Advertising Marketing Communications. With a passion for all things fashion, and beauty related. On the weekends I enjoy spending time with family and friends and also exploring NYC with friends, taking photos, shopping, and going to cute coffee shops and restaurants!
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