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Colorful Makeup Is In And We Are Loving it

Makeup has been trending for a while, but now we have been seeing an increased use in colors. A variety of colors have been seen on people’s eyes and it is looking AMAZING. The uses of greens, pinks and blues have been trending and many people are embracing it.

Youtuber James Charles, in particular, has really been pushing for the use of colors on a day to day basis and people have been following in his footsteps. It has been becoming massively popular to wear these colors for all occasions and wear them proudly. Whether it is mixing a variety of colors together or using different shades of the same color, everyone is killing it.

There are plenty of palettes at various price points that sell these colors that you’re seeking. Whether it is a more expensive palette by Viseart from Sephora for $80 or a NYX $8 palette from Dolls Kill, your deepest colorful desires will be met. Depending on if you want a specific color or a assortment of colors, there’s a palettes to fulfill your needs.

The best thing about this trend is the multiple ways to do this look. People from all walks of life are able to embrace this exciting new look while feeling confident in their beautiful skin. Below are a few inspirations that you could use when you want to try my favorite new makeup look.

From something simpler like using different blues.


A post shared by James Charles (@jamescharles) on Aug 21, 2018 at 3:27pm PDT

To something a little more daring.

This look allows for anyone doing their makeup to experiment with new colors and have fun doing it. Makeup is an outlet for people to express who they are and the use of colors helps to do that. Hopefully, if you are not already, you will soon be stocking up on colorful eyeshadow and wearing it on your next night out.

My name is Joely Pasetsky and I am a Sophomore at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I currently live on campus in New York City and love living here. I am studying Fashion Business Management with the the hope of one day going into Product Development. I love shopping, obviously, hanging out with friends, working at Express and experiencing New York City.
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