Blair Hirak: Modabound


It’s no question that FIT breeds successful students; from designers to businesspeople to artists and more, our students are making huge strides in the fashion industry, and Blair Hirak is no exception. Currently residing in Chelsea, Blair is in her first year of the Bachelor’s degree program in Entrepreneurship, and is working with a new start-up company called Modabound. Modabound is a website where students at universities across the city can buy and sell clothes at low prices. Operating within NYU, Parsons, Columbia, and FIT, the concept for Modabound was created by Carolina Garcia and Alexa Varsavsky during their senior year in college. The pair came up with the idea after countless days scouring each other’s closets, looking for fresh fashion pieces to compliment their wardrobe. The goal of the website is to “take those forgotten, awesome fashion items out of one closet and bring them to another, new owner who would enjoy wearing something different,” says Garcia. Plus, let’s face it: what college student couldn’t use a bit of extra cash?

Blair Hirak heard about Modabound from a friend, and immediately got involved. A self-proclaimed social media addict, Blair jumped at the opportunity to become the Social Media Coordinator for the young company. This title allows her to be in charge of the posts users see on their Facebook page, as well as their Tumblr blog. The Entrepreneurship student is very interested in the world of start-up companies, and hopes to do more with Modabound in the near future. She sees Modabound as a very valuable tool for college students, praising not only the website’s great concept, but also ease of use. “It’s great that you can simply go through your closet, figure out what you don’t wear, take a few pictures of it, price it at what you believe it’s worth, and get it on the site easily and quickly so that other students can have an opportunity to buy it.” Hirak says of the company. Blair’s work for Modabound has been significant and full of success, and the FIT community is proud to call her one of our own!

Modabound has already done great business throughout the New York City college community, and looks to expand even more. A mobile app is currently in the works, making it easy for shoppers to browse and buy on the go. Additionally, Modabound is currently in the process of adding a social component to the site, enabling users to host selling parties, planned by students as a get together for the Modabound community. At these parties, items can be bought and sold under one roof while users can socialize and get to know each other. The website is also looking for interns to work in the department of social media this summer, and assist the marketing team in planning these “Moda Parties.” (Contact Carolina Garcia at [email protected] if interested.) Overall, Modabound will not go unnoticed in our New York City community, as it is becoming a great way for college students to make money, as well as meet up with other fashion-savvy students in the area. “It's really a win/win situation…. and it gets pretty addicting. It's like having your own little online thrift boutique. You'll always want to have some inventory in it!” Blair says of the company.


You can find Modabound at: