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Affordable Laneige Dupes

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIT chapter.

The Laneige lip mask has been a top hit for the past few years and I have definitely used it since it went viral. Recently I have found a dupe that might be even better. Trader Joe’s lip mask is one of my new favorite everyday products. As of right now there is only one flavor at Trader Joe’s which is the vanilla one but feels like the exact same as the Laneige Vanilla lip mask. 

Within the first try of the Trader Joe’s lip mask my lips were instantly the softest and smoothest they have been in a long time. This was shocking to me because I have used the Laneige lip mask everyday since I discovered it and my lips were never this soft. Personally for what I think is a better product it is definitely a better price. The Trader Joe’s lip mask is only $5.99 compared to the Laneige which is sold for $24 and they are the exact same size. As a college student the Trader Joe’s lip mask is much more affordable. 

The ingredients are actually very similar between the two products. The first 2 ingredients in both are the exact same which are hydrogenated poly and diisostearyl malate. Even in the description on the Trader Joe’s website it says “Speaking of sweetness, similar lip masks sell elsewhere for around $25, yet we’re offering ours for just a fraction of that price!” Is this description targeting the Laneige mask? Who knows but it very well could be. 

Another great Laneige dupe for the lip glowy balm is the e.l.f. squeeze me lip balm. This squeeze me lip balm is only $4 compared to the Laneige lip glowy balm which is $19. The ingredients of both of these lip balms aren’t as similar as the Trader Joe’s one but they are still fairly similar. One of the top ingredients in both of them is Hydrogenated Polyisobutene. Many of the other ingredients are the same as well. The e.l.f squeeze me lip balm is a great dupe if you are on a budget but still want that glowy look. 

Maybe Trader Joe’s is becoming the new e.l.f with this amazing dupe but e.l.f. is still here making dupes for our favorite products.  If you haven’t tried the Trader Joe’s lip mask or the e.l.f. Squeeze me lip balm, it is definitely worth the try. 

I am a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology majoring in Fashion Business Management. I love fashion, beauty, and exploring new places. Living in New York City there is always something new to explore. My favorite musician is Taylor Swift!