5 Simple Working from Home Tips

As we return to school and work amidst a global pandemic, we all need a little help adjusting. Internships are remote, classes and clubs are via Zoom, and many students are having trouble staying motivated and staying organized with everything being online. With that being said, here are 5 simple working from home tips:

1) Create a Designated & Organized Work Space:

Desk with computer, plants, and office supplies Photo by Carl Heyerdahl from Unsplash In order for your mind to be focused, your work space needs to reflect that as well. Keep it clean and organized, and remove all distractions and non-work related devices. I know how easy it is to just turn off your camera and start scrolling through Tik Tok while your professor is lecturing, but we have to try and stay focused. It is also important that you create a designated space that is just for work or school. Try not to just work in your bed or at the kitchen table. Keep the essentials in your workspace, such as your laptop, laptop charger, pens, a planner, and water to stay hydrated. 

2) Communicate with Your Family or Roommates:

Some of us are living in dorms or apartments with roommates, and some of us are living at home with our families. Either way, it is important to communicate with the people you are living with what time your classes are and what times you will need alone time to work. Tell your parents or siblings, or keep a schedule on a whiteboard in a common area if you can. This way you can work and focus without the distraction of other people around.

3) Schedule Breaks:

two friends walking big dogs on leashes on a bright grassy hill Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels In order to prevent yourself from getting burned out, it is important to find times for breaks in  your work schedule or between your classes. Before your day starts, schedule breaks to go outside and talk a walk, and to get water and a snack. After sitting and staring at a screen all day, it is vital that we get up, stretch and move around.

4) Create a Sense of Community:

Even though we are physically apart during these times, it is still important that we feel connected with our peers, co-workers and classmates, and that we still can feel a sense of community. Create group chats or Slack channels with each other, and try to turn your camera on during virtual classes and meetings when you can. It is much harder to make a connection with someone through a screen, so we have to try harder than if we were in person. Joining clubs at your school, and joining organizations like Her Campus can help you feel more connected.

5) Keep a To-Do List:

It is so important to stay motivated and to keep track of deadlines and assignments, and keeping a to-do list is the perfect way to do so. Use a planner or a small whiteboard, and write your tasks and due dates for the week. Crossing things off your list is a great way to stay motivated.