5 Holiday Gift Ideas To Shop From Small Businesses

Let’s face it, the best time of the year is coming around again, and if you’re like me, you always want to give the best gifts but you have no idea what to get. After everything that has been going on recently, the holiday season has crept up into my head - possibly a little too early - and I am so excited to share with you some of the coolest and unique gifts I found! Shopping from small businesses is so easy and it helps support individuals just like us this season, and that's pretty great!

1. Custom Star Constellation Prints from SparksHouse on Etsy

I know what you're thinking- you have seen this before. However, this is the cheapest version I’ve found, and it has great reviews! You can get this for your partner, friend, parents, or basically for anyone who has an important date in mind! 

2. Holiday Items from Maddie Green Designs 

I included this one in here because I have personally followed this girl for so long and she has come such a long way with her business! She offers ornaments, cute mugs, stickers, tote bags, and crewnecks all for the holiday! I love seeing how happy she gets and she is very personal with her orders. 

3. Personalized Candle from WoftCandles 

For this candle, you can actually select the size, personalize the saying, AND the scent! How cute is this?!? These are made with love all the way from England!

4. Personalized Name Mug from JustPhoneCases 

I decided to throw in a classic gift idea because they are a safe bet when you are not sure what to get someone! A personalized mug will remind someone of you every day with their morning coffee or nighttime tea. 

5. Digital Art from SHOPVICSOUTLET 

This is my personal business that I started at 19 yrs old! (keep an eye out for an article on tips to start your own business!) I decided to include it in this article because I think the digital art I create can be such a good idea to give someone when you want something completely unique to them. I create digital illustrations from your pictures and you can purchase just the PDF, get it in a print, or get stickers made out of them!