5 Fashion and Beauty Hacks TikTok Taught Me

Let’s be real ... scrolling through TikTok for hours has become a daily routine. But hey, I know I’ve learned a ton of fashion hacks that make me rethink how I do everything! I have compiled 6 of my favorites that have made it into my daily life. 

1. How to Cuff your Jeans for an 80’s Look

Who knew that hair ties could re-style your jeans instead of buying new ones! 

2. Loose, Worn out Leggings? No Problem   

You and I both know we accidentally put our lulu’s in the dryer too many times.

3. You can Curl your Hair with your Bathrobe  

Yes, you read that right. From personal experience, I can say that this truly works!

4. You are Spending Way Too Much on Teeth Whiteners

It has been revealed that the only ingredient in any whitening kit that ACTUALLY whitens teeth is hydrogen peroxide! Save your money! 

5. How to Find your Perfect Pant Size from Any Store without Trying Them on  

This girl showed this trick being done on jeans but it can work with any pant! Try this if you are in a rush or can't go in the dressing room because of coronavirus.

That’s it for my top beauty and fashion hacks that TikTok taught me! There are so many more hacks that are useful in all parts of your life. These ones just really hit home!