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5 Amazing Mystery Books to Read During Breaks

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I love reading books, but only when it’s a mystery/thriller book. I have tried almost all other genres and could never finish anything else. However, when it comes to mystery books, I can read for hours and not even realize what time it is. As we all are moving close to summer, or just any free weekends, these are some great books to try for the bookworms like me! Even if you hate reading, give these a try because I used to hate reading at some point as well.

Pretty Girl 13 by Liz Coley

This is the first ever mystery book I have read and what got me into loving this genre. Now, it might be a little dramatic at times since I read it about 5 years ago, as a 15 year old. But the story is still one of my favorites. It is not too difficult to guess the ending, but it’s the small details and revealing new truths in every part that keeps you from putting the book down. Without revealing much, it is about a 16-year-old girl who went missing during a school trip when she 13. She finds herself at her house’s doorstep not knowing what day or time it is. She has no clue what happened during the past three years but as she starts to learn more about that time with the help of her family and doctor, more secrets start to get unlocked from even before she went missing.

The Wife Between Us by Sarah Pekkanen and Greer Hendricks

I used to tutor and babysit for a single mother who had her very own library set up at her work. Pretty cool right? She made her entire library with mystery/thriller books. This was the first book she lent me with so much excitement as it was her personal favorite. This book is just mind blowing! It has three parts within the book and at the end of each part, you will just go “What!?!”. I can’t give much details about this one because it would probably spoil the first and my most favorite mystery part of it. All I can say is, ENJOY! And read that part twice if it sounds unbelievable! I had to reread that part to actually believe it!

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

Now this book is a lot to keep up with. As you start reading, you will get a short summary about a widow who is accused of killing her husband. But ever since his death, she stopped speaking and a psychotherapist starts working with her to help her open up. But he also has his own personal issues going on. All the even and odd number of chapters are connected which you would figure out as soon as you start reading. But everything that is going on would feel like all over the place yet very interesting. Just wait … it will all make sense at the end, and you will go “WHOA! Is it what I think it is?!”

An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena

This book starts by giving personal information about few people, their partners, their relationships, personal complications, etc. They all end up at the same place for a vacation. But a snowstorm hits that area which locks them inside that place with a bunch of strangers. As time goes on, secrets start to reveal. The terrifying part is that people start to die and /or disappear. The guests try to stick together yet it doesn’t stop. They conclude that either one of the guests is the murderer or there is presence of another person that they are not aware of. But the truth is far from that!

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

This is one of my favorites because Ruth Ware is my favorite writer. Feel free to look up more of her books! You would not be disappointed. The Woman in Cabin 10 is about a woman who is traumatized due to a recent break-in at her house. But right after that she gets called in for a job-related trip and could not miss it. However, once she gets to the cruise and meets everyone, something seems off. She tries to brush it off, but she accidentally sees something unbelievable. She cannot believe her eyes and nobody else believes her either and blames it onto her trauma playing tricks on her mind. Throughout the book, you would keep wondering if what she is seeing is real or not, but the actual truth is a lot more complex than you could possibly imagine!

Hope you enjoy!

Hi, I’m in Communication Design major at SUNY FIT and working as a part time group teacher at an elementary school. Love reading books, watching movies, exploring new places with friends, and taking pictures.
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