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4 Last Minute Affordable Halloween Costumes

The last thing on anyone’s mind right now is deciding on what to do for a Halloween costume. Most students are studying for midterms and don’t have the time and money to go all out for Halloween. There are so many easy costumes you can throw together with clothes you already own. All you need is accessories! These simple and fun costume ideas will look even better than the one you had your eye on for over $100. Plus, it’s more sustainable this way!

1. Fairy

This costume will not only look absolutely stunning but, it’s much more affordable than what you might be thinking. I guarantee most of the items you need are sitting in your closet right now. Costume includes:

  • Bodycon dress – I know you already have one of these!
  • Wings – Okay I understand most people don’t have this lying around at home but, Amazon has super affordable and cute options!
  • Flower crown – There are a ton of different alternatives for this piece. It could be a flower crown which you can get from your local Walmart, a sparkly headband, or even basic hair clips. As long as there is something fun and pretty to put in your hair it will look put together.

Costume total: Max. $25

2. Hippie

One of the cutest yet cheapest outfits you can completely DIY on your own is a hippie. This costume is very simple and you could throw it together the night before and still look fabulous. Costume includes:

  • Oversized tie dye t-shirt – You definitely have this and most likely wear it to bed every night!
  • Sunglasses – The best type of sunglasses to use for this costume is with circle lens but anything you own will do!
  • Flower crown – If there is anything you should need to purchase for this costume it’s definitely some type of headpiece. Another option is to use a thicker headband!
  • Peace sign necklace – This last accessory is completely optional, but the perfect finishing touch if you want to add a little something more!

Costume total: Max. $13

3. Barbie

Another easy idea is to go as Barbie! A fashionable, fun, and girly outfit. This costume only requires three pieces, so it doesn’t get any simpler than that! Costume includes:

  • Pink skirt – You can get this anywhere from your favorite fast fashion site or Depop if you don’t already own!
  • Barbie crop top – Etsy has a bunch of different selections for a reasonable price. Plus, you will be supporting a small business!
  • Pink flannel – A flannel is a perfect piece to add a little something extra to your costume. It will also look more put together and seem like you actually tried!

Costume total: Max. $40

4. “Euphoria”

Not only is this one of the trendiest shows out right now but, it doesn’t require you to purchase any specific clothes. All you need is a bomb makeup look and your favorite outfit! Here are some looks from our very own FIT students. Makeup inspiration:

Costume total: Max. $7

My name is Emily Gilbert and I'm a freshman at the Fashion Institute of Technology. My major is Advertising and Marketing Communications. I love putting together trendy outfits and posting unique photos to my Instagram. In my free time, I love to read, go shopping of course, and binge watch Gilmore Girls!
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