21 Things I Did Before Turning 21

I’ve seen this trend going around and my birthday is on April 9th, so I thought I should give this a try. Here are 21 things that I accomplished before I turned 21. 

1. Attended my first NYFW show at 17 

2. Got my first job 

3. Dyed my hair a fun color (pink) 

4. Got 3 tattoos 

5. Got my driver’s license 

6. Went on a plane for the first time 

7. Got into my dream school 

8. Lived in NYC for a year and a half 

9. Made a lot of new friends 

10. Earned a degree 

11. Reached a savings goals 

12. Went vegan for 3 years (not anymore) 

13. Voted for the first time 

14. Learned another language (Italian) 

15. Learned how to cook (somewhat?) 

16. Fell in love 

17. Stopped caring what other people think 

18. Created a solid skincare routine for myself 

19. Stopped trying to live up to impossible beauty standards 

20. Got a new car 

21. Experienced a pandemic