11 of the Best Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Probably Already Have

It's officially the time of year when I scroll through Pinterest endlessly in search for a cute yet easy last minute Halloween costume. As work loads up and midterms are in full swing, its easy to push this to the side. Here are a few costume ideas that require minimal planning and pieces you probably already have in your closet, so you can be ready for Halloween this year.

1. Rosie the Riveter



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If you have lots of denim or a jumpsuit, this costume is for you. Add a bandana or scarf and some red lipstick and you’re ready to go.

2. Greaser



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Pair some black skinny jeans or leggings with a black top and red pumps for this costume. Don’t forget a leather jacket and red lipstick!

3. Goddess



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For this costume, you can either wear a white dress or cut up old white sheets and drape them around like a dress and use a gold chain belt to secure the sheets around your waist. Add gladiator sandals, gold jewelry, and a leaf crown to finish the look!

4. Cheetah



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We all have some cheetah print pieces in our closet, whether it be a top, skirt, or dress. Mix and match different cheetah print patterns or pair it with something black and add whiskers and ears!

5. 80's workout



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Contrasting colors is key to this costume. Mix and match leggings, leotards, sweatbands, leg warmers, sneakers, and a fanny pack of different colors. The more neon the better!

6. Devil and angel



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Do you and your friend both need a costume this Halloween? This is a classic. Between both of your wardrobes you’ll need a white outfit for the angel and a red or black outfit for the devil.

7. Unicorn



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Before putting away your bright/pastel colors for the winter, get one more wear in for Halloween. Don’t be afraid to go all out with makeup, body glitter, and temporary hair coloring for this costume.

8. Alien

Throw together some metallic pieces and a headband and bam you’re an alien. This also gives you the perfect excuse to wear your hair in space buns.

9. Disco ball



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If you’re looking for a reason to wear that sequin dress or top, look no further. Add body and hair glitter and be ready to capture everyone’s attention!

10. Boxer



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This is definitely a more comfortable costume idea. Skip an uncomfortable outfit and wear a sports bra with athletic or biker shorts and add a robe and boxer gloves and you’re ready.

11. Hippie



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Channel your inner hippie with some tie dye, bell bottom jeans, and a headband. Bonus points to you if you have a peace sign necklace or John Lennon sunglasses.

Not all costumes require a lot of time, planning, or money, and you just need a little bit of creativity! Just remember to be safe and have fun this Halloween!

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