8 Last Minute Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Okay, so we’re about a few days away from the big V-Day and I know I’m not the only one who hasn’t made plans yet.  It’s not that we haven’t thought about it either—we just don’t know what to do! But, fear not, because here are 8 cute and romantic ideas for you and your beau to do on that special day.

1) Go Ice-skating. Imagine you and your guy skating around, hands intertwined for a few hours. You can dress up cute and wear a circle skirt with tights, and accessorize with some earmuffs or a hat.  Don’t worry if you don’t know how to ice-skate either, (I’m sure your guy wouldn’t mind catching you when you fall!) After all of that skating, warm back up with a cup of hot chocolate.

2) Go to a spa together: Now, you may be thinking: “Ehh, seems kind of girly, my guy won’t like that.” Allow me to change your mind on this one. Spa’s are totally relaxing! I’m not saying you both have to go all out and get facials and a seaweed wrap…there’s so much more to do than that! Plenty of spas have saunas, steam rooms and jacuzzis as well. Plus, what’s more fun than spending the day feeling relaxed and rejuvenated with your significant other?

3) Watch a movie in the park under the stars: Are you bored of the same old “go out to a movie or stay in and watch a movie” routines? Well, let’s kick it up a notch by grabbing your laptop, favorite movie, some blankets and tons of snacks outdoors to your nearest park. (Maybe even make a few s’mores?) Pick a comfortable, grassy area with a great open view so when it starts to get dark out, you can see the stars light up the night sky!

4) Cook a homemade meal together: If you’re a couple that already does this regularly; try making something completely new and out of the ordinary. Part of the fun is not knowing how it will turn out at all. Even if the meal turns out not-so-appetizing, at least you’ll have had shared a few laughs!

5) Go on an adventurous bike ride (and have a picnic!) Take out the ole’ two-wheelers and ride away without having a set course of direction. Explore somewhere you’ve never been before (but be safe!), find the perfect spot to plop down, and enjoy your picnic.

6) Go to an amusement park/carnival/fair: Have fun going on rides together, play mini games (and hopefully win a prize without spending all of your money…), eat junk food and take tons of silly pics! If there is a Ferris wheel, riding this at least once is a must. When you reach the top, it will be the perfect setting for a kiss ;)

7) Laser Tag! You probably haven’t done this since the 7th or 8th grade, but it’s one of those activities that are always fun no matter how old you are. Either be on the same team with your sweetie and destroy your opponents in a laser tag war, or engage in some friendly competition! Prepare for an epic battle.

8) Go fruit picking: Head to your nearest farm or orchard and start picking your favorite fruit. Normally, you will receive a harvesting tool if you’re gathering fruit that is high up, but if you want, just ask your guy for a boost!  When you get home, try to make something out of the fresh fruits you’ve just picked. Pies, jams, marmalades…whatever you’d like!

Remember, as much of a fuss we make over Valentine’s Day, what truly matters is just spending time with that special person. Even if you don’t end up having an over-the-top fantasy-like day as many of us would like to imagine, as long as you’re happy with the person you’re with and enjoying yourself, that’s the most important thing!