15 Ways to Avoid the Freshman 15

Being a freshman at FIT can be quite intimidating, especially when you’re exposed to all of the tall, skinny girls strutting from class to class. We all know that every girl at FIT wants to avoid packing on the unwanted “Freshman 15.” No fear FIT fashionistas! At HC FIT NYC, we give you tips that only pertain to FIT’s Cafeteria! The key to staying fit at FIT’s cafeteria is to keep these tips in mind for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

1. Drink that H20!: Our dining services offer different types of bottled juices and teas. The best thing to do is limit the sweetened beverages and stick to water. If you need some flavor, add fresh lemon or lime. This will give the water a kick of freshness and add healthy benefits of Vitamin C. Drinking water all day can keep you full and get rid of the cravings!

2. Have Skim or Soy Milk: FIT’s cafeteria allows you to choose from whole, skim, soy milk and half and half. Whole milk contains more fat. Why not try healthier milk? It’s better for you and you still receive the benefits of building stronger bones!

3. Indulge in Some Oats: Oatmeal is a hearty breakfast that will keep your stomach flat! The cafeteria offers this everyday. Add some cinnamon, a sprinkle of granola, and a splash of soy milk to keep it creamy.

4. Drink One Cup of Coffee: Having a cup a day won’t only give you a boost of energy, but healthy arteries! Coffee is available all day at the cafeteria. You will need it when it comes to midterms and finals.

5. Eat Greens: FIT has a great salad bar for lunch and dinner. Load up on greens daily and keep the dressing to a minimum. They offer different types of dressing but the healthiest option is to have oil and balsamic vinegar on the side.

6. Have an Apple a Day: It really does keep the doctor away and those visits to Health Services can be limited! FIT’s cafeteria has apples, bananas and other fresh fruit daily. Having a piece of a fruit a day will give you fiber and boost your immune system.

7. Veggie Pizza on the Go: There will be times when you can’t wait in line at the grill or the sandwich station because you have one class right after another. Getting pizza is your last resort, but instead of getting a cheesy pizza with bacon, choose the slice with veggies. Add a side salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing.

8. Limit the Cheese: It’s okay to have cheese but keep it at a minimum. When ordering an omelet or a sandwich, try to load up on veggies to give it more flavor. Add some oil and vinegar to give it that extra punch.

9. Stay Away From the Fries: French fries and onion rings are available for dinner everyday. They may be tempting when you’re having a bad day or having that time of the month, but you will feel even worse if you engulf these fatty foods. Substitute this with a side salad!

10. Treat Yourself to Starbucks (Once in Awhile): Yes, that’s right. We have a Starbucks in our cafeteria! But unfortunately it can get pricey and most of the drinks are loaded with sugar, which leads to weight gain. It’s fine to have it once in awhile, so treat yourself when you get an A on a big project. You will feel less guilty!

11. Go Wheat: The deli section offers different types of meat and cheeses for sandwiches. If you’re in the sammie kind of mood, choose whole wheat/grain over white bread. White bread also causes weight gain so stay clear from it!

12. Don’t Take the Cake: With FIT’s meal plan, it comes with an option to have a slice of cake. If you’re serious about avoiding weight gain, don’t take the cake for dessert – it’s loaded with sugar! Challenge yourself and have a slice of cake once a month.

13. Fruit or Cookies: Most of the time you should choose the fruit. With every lunch and dinner you have the option for either and most people choose cookies every time. Pick an apple, banana, pear or orange next time the cashier tells you to make sure you grab some cookies, but every once in a while the cookies are fine!

14. The Vegan Station: Check it out whether you’re vegan or not! Often times they have an excellent meal option that is very tasty and good for you, too. It happens to lurk right across from the grill and is a much better choice to help keep your tummy tucked in.

15. Pass on the Chips: Don’t be tempted to grab a bag of chips on your way to the cashier! They sit right there, but trust me, you’ll regret them sitting in your stomach once you eat them.