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Scootin’ in Style: HC FAMU

From the day I received an email that HC FAMU would be getting complimentary Kickboard Campus scooters, I was ecstatic! I love free stuff, and HC always treats their Campus Correspondents right. I got off of work one night to find two oversized packages that my roommate left in the middle of our living room floor. I’ll admit, at first I was a little skeptical to open the box. I opened up the brown packaging box, but the scooters sat inside the white and black Kickboard Campus boxes for days. When I finally decided to open them up, I felt like a kid reliving my childhood memories.

Testing the scooters inside the proximity of my townhouse complex parking lot with my friends and HC FAMU team members were a ton of fun. They are indeed a cute and compact mode of transportation! Amidst FAMU’s many parking lots, it’s a daily challenge to find parking on campus. The sleek and sophisticated, super smooth gliding made of the scooter can get you to class on time and quicker than driving to campus and hunting out a parking spot.

It’s super conveinent and doesn’t require assembly, which allowed me to take it for a spin as soon as I pulled it out the box and, it was even easier to place it back! With not much stowaway space on campus you’d never have to worry about “parking” it, all you have to do is fold it up and go!

If you don’t have a car, dread waiting for the V1, V2, or M, or hate talking that walk from the palmettos or other apartments surrounding campus, I reccommend purchasing a Kickboard Campus scooter! It’ll allow you to get those extra five minutes of shut eye or, grab some breakfast from the Orange Room on your way to class!

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Photo Credit: Itopia Mills
“Models”: Ian McRae (male in greem shirt), Ilani Harris (female in orange shirt), Itopia Mills (female in gray shirt).

Itopia is a senior from New Rochelle, New York studying Magazine Production. She is the founder of Florida A&M's campus branch. After graduation, Itopia plans to move back to NY and go to fashion school! In her spare time Itopia enjoys tweeting, browing on Tumblr, eating and listening to music.
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