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#ICYMI: The Spring Break Flower Crown

I know Lorde tells us that we’ll never be royal, but rocking this new Spring accessory will have you feeling just as royal as ever.  Have you taken a look around and noticed everyone rocking a crown made of floral accessories? Everyone is bringing the garden to their closests.  The floral crown is the must-have accessory this spring. These beautiful and fun decorations can range from $3-$50. Can you believe it, $50?! 

For a total of $8 I created a simple and easy DIY. Every product was bought from the Dollar Tree to make my lovely floral head piece.


Supplies you need: floral wire $1, floral tape $1 , wire cutters $1, hot glue gun (previously owned), hot glue sticks $1, different flower bouquets $1 each and scissors $1

(From left to right)

1. Wrap the floral wire 3 times around your head and cut it. 

Then wrap a 12 inch piece of floral wire thoroughly around your wire until you have a sturdy crown base.

It should come on and off your head comfortably

2. Clip all of you flowers. Leave about 4 inches of  stem.

3. Make clusters. Pick between 2-4 different types of flowers to make clusters.

grab your floral tape and wrap the tape around the clusters from base to end. Hot glue the end of the tape to secure it.

You will make about 11-15 clusters depending on how big you want your flower crown to be.

4. Clip the excess stem so that they are all even. Hot glue the base of the stem

5. Lay your flower clusters across the wires and use the floral tape to wrap the clusters around the wire crown. Secure the tape with hot glue 

6. Keep taping the clusters to the wires with the floral tape  until you have the amount of flowers that you desire.

7. Wrap the floral wire on the excess wire that is showing through, securing with hot glue.



There you have it! Your new beautiful crown of daisies, tulips, roses and sunflowers all for an affordable price.


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