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#ICYMI:” A Different World” is on Netflix!

Netflix is soon to be releasing a load of new shows and movies for all of us binge wachers to, well binge on!   But there are some classics that you should be watching before you dive into seclusion watching the new stuff. Listed below is one of our favorite shows to watch on Netflix at the moment. “A Different World” is definitely an all time favorite!  This show is a classic, especially if we are talking about Black television!  A show that every HBCU student and alumni can resonate with, this show is just the cutest thing ever!  They tackle all sorts of issues from sex to polotics, and the storyline has a whole lot of romance, which we love! The fashion is another aspect of the show that definietly grabs the viewers attention!  You can see where a lot of todays style derived from, and will definietly inspires those who are weary about HBCU’s to attend one! This is definetly a show you want to binge watch on Netflix!

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