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FAMU introduces a new initiative on campus!

What does LOTUS stand for?
Ladies Opposed To Unsafe Sex

FAMU’s Ladies Opposed to Unsafe Sex is a peer educational group started by FAMU Student Health Services & Her Campus FAMU. The group was created to bring awareness to the women on our campus in addition to advocating for safe sex or abstinence. The current programs that will be launched are Ladies of the Night Street Team, I Wish I Knew, Lock & Key: A Celibacy and Abstinence Support Group and Life Class: Dating & Mating Series.

How does LOTUS apply to my life?
I have personally worked on LOTUS so I’ve watched it grow into a wonderful program. It makes me proud to see all the people excited about this initiative. Sex is a major factor on college campuses across the nation and if chooses someone to participate in these activities it should be done safely. LOTUS provides ladies and gentleman a way to encourage safer sex, as well as advocate for members of other communities.
For example, Lock & Key caters to the non-sexually active, celibate, and abstinent community. If someone chooses not to have sex, LOTUS respects that and has an option for this community to come together and share experiences as well as encourage others.  

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