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Over the past few years, community service has become a trend among various organizations on Florida A&M University’s campus. While some organizations have service-driven purposes, others have taken on the “spirit of giving back” though it may not directly correlate with the purpose of the organization. Modeling troupes, dance troupes and even step teams are creating their own initiatives and supporting others’ in an effort to increase off-campus service and involvement in the community. However, in an era where seeing others give back has become a contagious domino effect—it is important to keep an open mind and remember that volunteering here and there isn’t the furthest extent one can go.


19-year-old Alexis Jones is a sophomore pre-pharmacy student from Orlando, Fla who recently incorporated her own non-profit organization, Realizing Every Action Creates Hope (R.E.A.C.H. Inc.). “R.E.A.C.H. members work on and behind the scenes to positively inspire and empower all people to reach for their dreams. Our organization’s goals for the remainder of this year is to expand the project and increase the rate of teens that decide to further their education at an institution of higher learning and to help peers that may not have had the opportunity that others received to get on the track towards being successful. We provide mentors, friendships and opportunities that will inspire others to reach their dreams,” said Jones.


The Tallahassee Chapter is currently tutoring children at Imagine Schools and participating in Relay For Life as an avenue for academic assistance, community outreach and a platform for members to foster relationships with youth in need of a positive role model and support system. 



Greetings, I am Gladys Olivia Murray, a junior broadcast journalism student from Orlando, FL.
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